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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

3M Belgium commit to undertake the following actions in order to improve road safety and support the European Road Safety Charter:

  1. Activities towards schools:
    • Schools in Zwijndrecht (commune near Antwerp, where 3M plant is located) and in Machelen/Diegem
    • Goal: raising road safety awareness at schools
      All children from 3rd to 6th year of primary schools - Action: with the help of a Safety Specialist of the Federal Police Department, 3M will organize information sessions of 1 hour for groups of 40 children. In these sessions, the concepts of fluorescence and retro reflectivity will be explained, and the effect of it for the children’s’ safety in traffic will be demonstrated using fun experiments.
      3M will distribute a free retro reflective armband to every child and a retro reflective security vest to every teacher
    • Total number of children: 635
    • Schedule of the Zwijndrecht action:
      Primary school “Sint-Martinus”: October, 12, 2004 from 9-16 (4 groups of 2 classes)
      Primary school “De Krinkel”: November, 15/16, 2004 from 9-16
      Primary school “Het Laar”: November, 25, 2004 from 9-16.
  2. Equipment of certain vehicles with a conspicuity treatment: “contour marking”:
    • Goal: select vehicles which need special attention when on the road and make them more visible
    • Schedule:
      Year 1: equip mamo-trucks with conspicuity markings (these busses are driving around in Belgium to facilitate health check-ups for women)
      Year 2: equip school busses of Zwijndrecht and Machelen/Diegem primary schools with conspicuity markings
      Year 3: Equip a local transportation vehicle for handicapped people in those same municipalities with conspicuity.
  3. Activities towards employees:
    3M Belgium + 3M Europe: 700 employees in total
    • Education and awareness presentations:
      about road safety and safety vest in car (“Vest in vehicle” – project) at employee communications meetings at 3M Sales Office (Sept 30 2004), 3M Belgium plant (Q4 2004), 3M Europe headquarters (Q4 2004) safety vest for every single 3M employee and newcomers the coming 3 years.
  4. External communication activities:
    • Goal: emphasize the importance of road safety
    • News@3M (customer magazine), press release to national dailies, OPEN (magazine of 3M and other neighbouring companies for inhabitants of Zwijndrecht and Burcht)
    • Press release national dailies and specific press (safety, BIVV (Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety)
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