European Road Safety Charter

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The European Automobile Manufacturers Association - ACEA renews its commitment to the European road safety Charter with the initiative of implementing measures going beyond the regulatory requirements in force, namely:
1. To equip all busses and coaches having the engine located to the rear of the driver's compartment delivered in EU-Member States from 1st January 2011, with fire detection systems that comply with the requirements of UNECE Regulation 107.03 in the engine compartment and in the comportment where a combustion heater is located
2. To continue equipping progressively passenger cars with advanced seatbelt systems (Including Pretensioners, or Load limiters etc.) on front row seats, taking into account the main purpose of the product, its distinctive characteristics and general capacities, resulting in an overwhelming majority of new models to be equipped accordingly by (01.01.12) at the latest and new vehicles by (01.01.15) at the latest
3. To further enhance customers´ understanding of advanced safety systems via appropriate information material and/or dealer education
4. To continue supporting stakeholders (such as EuroRAP) who do research in the field of road infrastructure. Improvements in infrastructure form a major pillar of the integrated approach that is necessary to further increase road safety.
5. To continue working in a constructive manner with the European Commission and other stakeholders on an integrated approach to road safety, as defined within the CARS 21 report.
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