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Promotion & Advertising guidelines
The ACEM Promotion & Advertising guidelines commitment covers the following areas and entails the following actions:
Safety-oriented powered two-wheelers advertising content:
          * All riders and passengers shown in a riding position shall always wear a certified helmet and be shown in compliance with the relevant road safety regulations.
          * All promotion & advertisements, where deemed appropriate, shall show an insignia or a message denoting a helmet and a text recommending riders to ride responsibly and wear a certified helmet (e.g.: “ride safely, wear a helmet”).
          * When appropriate the advertisement shall indicate that the pictures have been shot on a circuit/closed road with a professional rider.
Promotion of safety-enhancing features:
          * Manufacturers shall include in any promotion & advertisement details of any safety-enhancing features of the advertised powered two-wheeler.
Promotion of dealer training programmes:
          * Manufacturers acknowledge the need for joint development and promotion of dealer training programmes on the Promotion & Advertising guidelines.
          * Manufacturers shall include in any dealer training details of any safety-enhancing features of their powered two-wheelers with the corresponding promotional material.
Media information:
          * Manufacturers shall inform the Media about and supply them with the ACEM Promotion & Advertising guidelines, with respect to the on-road testing of powered two-wheelers.
The ACEM Promotion and Advertisement guidelines will be implemented from January 2007. A transitional period of 12 months is foreseen for notification to the importers/distributors/dealers and clearing of the existing promotion & advertisement material.
A yearly monitoring will be undertaken under the responsibility of ACEM.



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