European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
AEK F.C. renews its commitment to the European Road Safety charter for the next three years by the following actions:
  • We will focus on educating our future drivers, children. Talks will continue to take place during our Club’s fun weekend programme. The talks will be held by professionals in the field of road safety such as traffic education policemen. The Police will talk about pedestrian behaviour to the children and demonstrate the proper ways of commuting. All these talks are carried out in learning through fun attitude ensuring that the attention of children is caught.
  • At the same time, through our website, one of the most powerful communication tools, we will continue to inform all visitors about safe driving. A dedicated space on the club's main page will inform all visitors that the seat belt is obligatory for every person using a car. Using the club's colours, road safety was presented as something the club embraces and supports.


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