European Road Safety Charter

AISCAT - Italian Association for toll motorways and galleries operators

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Over the next three years we shall continue work on the various Aiscat action points:
  • The association will distribute news and information on EU policies and initiatives to all its members. The Association’s members operate almost 5,700 km of motorways, along which almost 83 billion km are travelled each year; leaflets, conferences and other informational tools are used to reach a broad spectrum of professional and private users.
  • Aiscat will elaborate on the knowledge, data and achievements of tolled roads in terms of safety, presenting them in a user friendly format for professionals and institutions.
  • We shall organise regular events and notices on road safety, often involving other bodies, such as the annual Aiscat - Road Police joint meeting (which de-facto brings together Italy’s best road safety experts.  Information on the performance of Italian tolled motorways will be circulated monthly by means of a statistical newsletter and quarterly by means of the Aiscat magazine. 
  • Information on road safety initiatives will be regularly available for Italian and European Institutions alike. This information will be provided in the form of periodic AISCAT publications (such as the monthly newsletter on EU policies and activities) or by means of specific research studies and publications.
We shall continue to distribute the following material:
  • the ASECAP Road Safety Brochure for distribution to the Italian public;
  • the Mare Nostrum Euro-regional project leaflet aimed at improving and strengthening road safety through a correct and responsible use of VMS (Variable Message Signs) along the Motorway Network;
  • the "Vacanze coi fiocchi" leaflet aimed at public institutions and road users alike, underlining the importance of respecting road safety measures to enjoy holidays both in the winter as well as in the summer;
  • promotion of TIRispetto campaign, aimed at improving road safety and the        
          respectful conduct of heavy lorry drivers.
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