European Road Safety Charter

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The testing of the best diagnostic devices available on the international market to determine the abuse of drugs and alcohol contributes to the prevention of accidents that, unfortunately, occur all too frequently on our streets.
Our priority is to improve road safety and prevention actions for all citizens through the establishment of an organisational structure to provide social assistance services for the protection of human lives on the road and, in particular:
- To promote initiatives to support the achievement of the proposed goals.
- To examine, organise and promote initiatives that aim to eliminate the prevalent causes of road accidents and the consequent high annual rate of deaths and injuries.
This is why we are signing the European Road Safety Charter, with the following three-year programme:
- Dissemination of advices and support via the Internet to citizens who have already received a police warning for an offence through our blog (, in order to contribute to reducing the abuse of alcohol and other substances which hampers the correct and sensible use of transport and constitutes one of the main causes of road accidents.
- Training meetings on the best systems to determine the abuse of drugs and alcohol and a meeting on prevention and methods to prevent alcohol and drug abuse, open to occupational physicians (under development).
- Dissemination of information on problems relating to road safety and user protection safety. We will draw up agreements and contracts and organise meetings with individuals, institutions and companies on a provincial and national level capable of facilitating the social activity work, promoting and organising awareness activities:
   a) Creation of a contest to reward the best and safer driver with a professional blood alcohol testing device worth 250 euros. This contest will be held every quarter until 31 December 2010, in cooperation with associations for private vehicle owners, heavy goods vehicle drivers, and public and private transport companies. The contest will be advertised through the Internet, in the press, via the media, etc. The objective is to educate citizens in self-control before getting behind the wheel.
   b) Re-education programme for our employees who fail to respect the Highway Code (through information on accident and fines), involving company occupational physicians and drivers directly in the joint prevention project, and initiating rehabilitation courses through the physicians.


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