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Association for Students and Civil Society in the county of Hajdu-Bihar

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

As an association of youngsters we would like to be involved in helping to reach the aim of reducing the number of accidents and road victims on the roads, as our generation is one of the most affected.

Therefore we will develop and organise complex prevention programs to reach youngsters and change their driving attitude on the roads. Young drivers naturally lack experience on the road. They are not aware of all the risks and they lack knowledge on challenges on the road, technical driving skills or mechanical knowledge.
  • We are cooperating with the (Belgian) Responsible Young Drivers Association. They have different kinds of practical tools (like breathalyzers, a somersault car, alcovision googles etc.), which help the participants to understand what can happen in case of an accident and how alcohol and drugs affect the ability to drive safely. The goal is to raise their awareness on road safety and their way of thinking about their behaviour on the road.
  • "Moving Buddy" program: The best way to get in touch with the youngsters is to approach them in their surroundings like clubs, universities, festivals, and schools. We are organizing music events in different clubs. Local volunteers will go into these clubs and present a prevention program for the visitors. The "Buddy" is a well trained and qualified volunteer who will be moving around in the club. They will help drunk and druggy youngsters and prevent them from driving that night. These prevention actions will take place once a week during the university's semester in the biggest University Club of Debrecen. We are planning approximately 24 actions per year, which means that around 75-80 of actions will take place over the next three years. Usually between 1500 and 2200 youngsters participate in these music events every time. The target group is usually the whole spectrum of the visitors.
Our association was assigned the Hungarian partner for the "European Night Without Accidents" Movement in 2008. Organizing these prevention nights, we gained a lot of experience in how to address the youngsters best and in working with volunteers. We are planning to further develop the event in Hungary over the next three years and we will try to reach as many clubs and bars as possible.


charter your road saftey problem(s) 

We have to raise our voice about the road safety prevension in the XXI century. The EU wants to promise to decrease 50% the death in the accidents on the roads. In Hungary the POlice has to reach this aim but to reach positive effect we should involve civil NGOs,Associations. In the NOrth-Great Plain the accident's 20% has been cause by the 18-30 years old people. We would like to develop and organise complex prevention programs to reach the youngsters and change their driving attitude on the roads.

Your knowledge 

The prevention programs more successfully If we can examine deeply the cause of the accidents and the drivers attitude. We would lke to measure the youngsters skills about the driving morale, If we could change their oppinion and thinking about their behavior on the road we will reduce the accidents more than 15-20% on the roads. An objective picture about the road safety is highly recommended to prevent the accidents issues.

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