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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Over the next three years, we will organise, on a non-profit basis, effective road safety training courses for driving offenders and traffic police officers in order to reduce on-the-job accidents and increase awareness among offenders of their responsibilities.
The courses will be carried out primarily in Lombardy, at municipal authority premises, congress centres and town squares, and also on the occasion of major or specific public events. The activity for police officers will be carried out through training events that aim to increase expertise and the sense of belonging, bringing together actions on the street to carry out controls on vehicles and people to ensure compliance with the rules in force on the matter. 
The police officers will be contacted through a specific and targeted direct marketing campaign (personalised letters, SMS, leaflets, postcards, flyers, e-mails, events, posters, direct faxes, the Internet and press releases).
The offenders will be contacted through actions carried out together with the municipal and provisional authorities and through targeted public activities.
Start date: 01.04.2009 End date: 31.03.2012.
Some 900 police headquarters will be involved, at least 6,000 employees and an undefined number of users (at least 15,000).
This will all be organised in cooperation with associations, local authorities, national institutions and police headquarters.
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