European Road Safety Charter

Athens International Airport "EL. VENIZELOS" SA

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For the period until 2013, Athens International Airport (AIA) is committed to take action and implement a number of schemes within its premises in order to:
1. Further reduce the number of road accidents by 10%
2. Further reduce the number of injuries by 15%
3. To keep a 'zero' fatality record.
During the last three years, AIA's efforts were mainly focused in improving road infrastructure safety conditions and to optimize accident monitoring and reporting procedures. For the period until 2013, AIA has planned the following actions in order to achieve its road safety targets:
Road Safety Action Plan
-        Implementation of an Accident Database, enhancing AIA's accident recording and analysis capabilities.
-        Implementation of a Traffic Safety Audit (TSA)
-        Update of the Incident Management Plan
-        Minor Road Infrastructure Upgrades
User Behaviour
-        Distribution of a road safety leaflet in electronic and paper format to Airport employees and targeted road user groups.
-        Display Road Safety Messages in Roadside Advertising Panels
In this effort, various parts of AIA are involved.
Firstly, the Airport's Traffic Police and Landside Services Dpt. are responsible for promptly restoring the safe operation of Airport's road network in case of accidents. Their combined effort is also required in order to maintain complete and thorough accident records.
Secondly, the Transport Design team conducts the traffic accident analysis regularly and designs and implements the necessary actions to improve road safety, whereas the Maintenance Dpt. is responsible for keeping the safety conditions of the road network at the highest standards.
Finally, AIA's high-level Management team is committed to provide the necessary resources required to improve road safety within the Airport's premises.




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