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Bacardi Limited has sought to expand its current anti-drink driving activity and, after conducting a survey in 34 countries, has developed a major global communication project on drinking and driving. Drinking alcohol impairs a person’s ability to drive and Bacardi Limited totally condemns drinking and driving. Bacardi Limited has a long heritage of promoting the safe and responsible consumption of its products and, as a world leading spirits company, we acknowledge and are committed to the role we can play in promoting and educating consumers about responsible drinking. We believe our customers should understand the law and always act responsibly.

The campaign includes the following elements:

Michael Schumacher leads the Bacardi Limited Drink Drive initiative as Global Social Responsibility Ambassador. A seven-times F1 World Champion, Michael is a well-respected voice in the anti-drink driving movement and will champion the Bacardi Limited Drink Drive initiative as its role model.

The campaign will be rolled out throughout the EU and globally; the theme will be “Champions Drink Responsibly”, to be supported by the message “Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix”.

The ALT and BTL communications campaign will include broadcasts, outdoor and print advertising, and on-event consumer activation, plus the digital launch of a dedicated website, which will be an interactive and engaging website to attract attention and encourage consumers not to drink and drive.

The campaign will be delivered in local languages (where necessary) and local activation will take place with pan-European assistance. The campaign will commence in April 2008 with a global media launch.

The campaign will initially be rolled out in the 12 EU Member States representing the major markets, and is targeted to reach an estimated 4 million people. We aim to expand this coverage over the campaign period.

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