European Road Safety Charter

Bassinas Trans Srl

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In order to prevent the frequent accidents that are unfortunately occurring on our roads, it is important that our vehicles set good examples to others. As a priority, 100% of our vehicles respect the norms and regulations, thereby improving road safety for everybody. For this reason, we will develop the following action as our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter:

  1. Development of an annual workshop for our drivers on road safety and awareness of the causes of accidents on the roads. Two drivers (internal staff) will be initially trained through a two-day internal training programme, which will consist of the following topics:
    • Road safety
    • Safe parking and parking areas
    • Safe loading and security of loads
    • Potential dangers
  2. A re-education programme for those drivers who fail to respect the traffic rules and safety parking regulations.
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