European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The action plan contains two major parts:

Improve the driving competences and skills of own employees.

  1. Develop a new group guideline on Fleet Car Safety

    Via this guideline, we want to motivate employees to improve their driving behaviour and to assist managers in identifying actions when dealing with high-risk drivers.

    More specifically, the guideline provides information about:

    • The ban on using hand-held mobile phones and any other hand-held electronic devices
    • The obligation to use seatbelts by the driver and all passengers
    • Alcohol and drugs restrictions
    • Vehicle eligibility and driver requirements
    • High-risk drivers and driver training
    • Vehicle maintenance and condition and driver responsibility
    • The obligation to report accidents and incidents

    This procedure guideline (about 10 pages in length) will be sent to all employees driving company cars (about 300 people).

  2. Training for all employees driving fleet cars (300 people - mandatory)
    • Classroom training on defensive driving (half day)
    • Hands on the wheel practical training (half day)
    • Three-year refresher course
  3. Training for other employees (starting 2007)

    As part of the 24-hour Care Programme through leaflets and brochures and classroom information sessions (4,200 people – on a voluntary basis)

Haulier safety

  1. Annual selection of the haulier of the year.
    • Safety is one of the most important parameters in this selection. It includes not only road accidents, but also deviations regarding internal safety rules.
    • Selection is made for Bulk Goods Deliveries as well as Packaged Goods Deliveries
  2. Other actions:
    • The operation manual for cargo securing of packaged goods provides practical advice and recommendations to all people (including the carriers) involved in loading, stowing and securing cargo on vehicles.
    • The new Distribution Accident Report will improve information and follow-up of road incidents.
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