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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
  • On 3 December 2010, The Brewers of Europe in partnership with the Belgian Road Safety Institute and under the Belgian Presidency is organising a conference on "Partnerships Against Drink Driving in Europe: Enforcement, Engagement, Education". Speakers include the Belgian Transport Minister, European Commission, European Parliament, International Commission for Driver Testing, European Federation of Road Traffic Victims, European Transport Safety Council, plus national transport ministries, regional authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders.
    The aim is to stimulate further activities that, through reductions in drink driving, will help the EU to reduce the number of road fatalities in half by 2020. The conference will showcase the wide variety of partners who can engage in activities to create a broad societal push to reduce drink driving.
    Success in the short term can be measured by the variety of actors supporting the conference, participation numbers, new and existing Charter signatories at the event, recommendations coming out of the conference and press coverage generated.
  • The Drink Drive WG will build upon the outputs of the conference and work to generate further and better brewer-supported activities on drink driving, including through the active sharing of best practices and collation of information and data. This should also be shown through a growth in, and renewal of, Charter commitments from the national brewers' associations and an addition to the number of commitments on drink driving filed in the context of the EU's Alcohol and Health Forum.
  • Work will also begin on a new edition of the Worldwide Brewing Alliance's (WBA) Social Responsibility Initiatives compilation, with specific efforts made to highlight activities in the field of drink driving. This will feed into reporting on the implementation of both the EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm and the WHO's Global Strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.
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