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Building on the "Think Before You Drive" campaign from the last 3 years, we will continue educating motorists through tyre safety checks about the importance of good and frequent tyre maintenance.
In 2010 tyre safety checks will be organised on a Pan-European level at public places such as: parking lots of shopping malls, motorway petrol stations, dealer open days, events. Our target is to achieve at least 30.000 checks per year on a Pan-European level.
The following tools will be used:
50.000 tyre pressure gauges that will be given free of charge to every participating motorist
50.000 printed leaflets that will be printed in various languages and given to dealers and motorists
50.000 tyre check sheets in various languages
A website explaining the campaign, giving tips on tyre maintenance and safety:
Bridgestone Europe will also provide "tyre safety check kits" (consisting of tents, clothing, tyre pressure gauges, leaflets, tyre check sheets, etc.) to its Sales Companies.
Bridgestone Europe will offer a range of safety-related novelty items to its Sales Companies.
Bridgestone Europe will issue on a regular basis press releases on safe driving to the local European media. (process of changing to winter tyres and inflate/check tread depth of your tyres before leaving on holidays or longer trips) Tyre safety is one among the major themes, shown at the various Pan-European motor shows (Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris, etc.) where press conferences are being held communicating the results of the previous tyre safety checks.
Bridgestone Europe also involves in safety matters its internal organisation such as:
European Chief Executive Officer and Vice President are personally committed to the programme.
Tyre safety checks are being conducted by Bridgestone Europe Head Quarters, its Sales Companies and dealer networks. At each tyre safety check about 12 staff members participate.



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