European Road Safety Charter

Calabria Racing - Auto, Moto, Sport & Turismo - Catanzaro

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Calabria Racing will contribute to raising citizen awareness about road safety over the next three years as follows:
- We will produce 300 posters measuring 100 x 140 cm and four posters measuring 6 x 3 m advertising the annual sporting event (classic and modern car rally held in Calabria), to be put up for 20 days in a number of major cities (Catanzaro, Cosenza, Vibo Valentia, Reggio Calabria and Crotone) and a number of important municipalities, ensuring maximum visibility. The posters will feature slogans encouraging users to pay greater attention on the roads, for example:
       “Be sure to wear a reflective vest so you can be seen!” (warning for cyclists)
       “Wear your helmet and save your life!” (warning for motorcyclists)
       “Keep calm when driving, because life is beautiful!” (warning for drivers)
Furthermore, these slogans will be published on 3,000 to 4,000 leaflets, to be distributed in the same areas.
- We will include a page on its website (under construction) containing road safety advice.
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