European Road Safety Charter

CEN - European Committee for Standardization

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

CEN will make an important and significant contribution to a European harmonized approach to road safety. Indeed, within CEN, industry, governments, social and environmental interest groups will work together to make Europe's roads safer to protect citizens, thus reducing the number of accidents. We are convinced that this co-regulation is an important contribution to promote best practice in Europe and introduce the same high safety standards everywhere, to ensure effective and high quality assistance for road accident victims.

CEN therefore undertakes to carry out the following actions:

  1. CEN will produce European standards in the field of road safety to underline the importance it attributes to this issue. This work includes the knowledge and involvement, in the drafting of its safety standards, of several hundred experts from different industries such as construction, safety equipment, rescue systems, transport and telematics, transport of dangerous goods, etc.

    Measurable outcomes: More than 30 European standards will be given the status of national standards in the 29 National Standardization Bodies. This will imply that any conflicting national standard will be withdrawn. This process is likely to reach about 490 million European consumers.

  2. CEN aims to raise awareness concerning the European Road Safety Charter among its members, partners and experts and encourage them to implement the goals of the European Road Safety Charter
    • Initially, through a link on the CEN website to the Charter website, as well as the Charter logo;
    • An article entitled “Networking” will be published in the CEN newsletter, to communicate its commitment (2,300 paper copies of the newsletter are issued, and 600 issues are distributed electronically).
    • The information will be disseminated in publications of the CEN 29 National Standardization Bodies;
    • On the day of the signature, an official ceremony marking the event will be organized, followed by a special press release.

    Simultaneously, the Charter will be promoted among:

    • CEN's associate members (especially the consumers association);
    • The European Trade Federations active in CEN which may not be aware of the Charter, as well as the European Federations not yet active in CEN but which have already signed the Charter.

Measurable outcomes: to successfully promote the European Road Safety Charter through 2,900 "networking" readers and around 380 European Trade Federations.

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