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Centre of Consultancy for Road Victims (CCVR)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our goals are:


  • to present the real implications of road accidents to a broad public.
  • to raise awareness among road users regarding the need to strictly observe road safety laws.
  • to encourage authorities to adopt road safety measures that are appropriate to the Romanian context in order to help to reduce the number of casualties and limit difficulties for victims and their families. This could be the inclusion of the issue in the national road safety strategy, the development of cycling infrastructure, the introduction of road safety classes in schools, the implementation of the first integrated assistance system for road traffic victims and the creation of a road safety research centre.
To this aim we commit to the following actions over the next three years:
We will carry out forums and conferences, produce posters and leaflets, organize classes and walks, and carry out mass-media campaigns, PR and public events. These activities are aimed at policy makers and local authorities as well as the public. We will work together with various institutions, authorities and NGOs on the subject. Furthermore, we will organise training sessions for specialists in the field and work on gaining more road safety volunteers. We are planning to have four events in total and will produce two posters in 50 copies and 100 fliers for each event. Per event we expect an average of 40 persons to attend.
The first actors involved will be the members of the steering committee, followed by young and active volunteers and supporters with relevant university degrees. We will also train legal advisors, police officers, doctors, journalists, sociologists, psychologists, teachers, road transport professionals and civil servants.


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