European Road Safety Charter
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Education about Safety on the Road

16. December 2015 to 30. June 2016
St. Nicholas College Middle School
Ms. Susan Saliba

During this scholastic year we are planning to do the following activities about Road Safety at our school:

  • The talk about Road Safety will be given to the whole school on the 15th of March, 2016 by Mr. Alex Borg, Secretary General & Board Member, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Malta.
  • After the talk the students will be asked to make a poster, essay, slogan (in English and Maltese) or a craft about the topic which is to be handed in to the School Administration by not later than the 15th of April, 2016. Gifts (which are still to be chosen) will be given to the best work for each category.
  • 3. The Student Council will formulate a set of rules for the students and teachers to observe for road safety during an outing. These rules will be signed by the Head of School and the Student Council President and copies will be placed in all classrooms.

Delivery of information and increased awareness about Road Safety.

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Mr. Alex Borg, ITS Malta Representative
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