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European Road Safety Charter workshop in Belgium

30. Ianuarie 2019
Provinciehuis Vlaams-Brabant, Provincieplein 1
European Road Safety Charter (ERSC) Team & OVK-SAVE

European Road Safety Charter workshop: Working together on Road Safety,

in collaboration with OVK - SAVE (Ouders Verongelukte Kinderen)


PLENUM (9u15 – 9u35)

Welcome word: representative of the province of Flemish-Brabant

Introduction to the European Road Safety Charter and the workshops

Introduction to the SAVE label: working together on road safety

Presentation of a strong SAVE community

WORKSHOPS “Taking a commitment in Road Safety” (9u35 - 10u40)

  • Public space: together towards a traffic-safe environment
    • speakers: local authority, university, NGO
  • Heavy traffic: not in the vicinity of children
    • speakers: local authority, NGO
  • SAVE 2.0: an innovative way of working in partnerships
    • speakers: government, local authority


WORKSHOPS “Taking a commitment in Road Safety” (11h00 – 11u50)

  • Working together on road safety is not adding up but multiplying
    • speakers: research, school, government, local authority, NGO
  • Enforcement: endpoint of a policy of preventative measures
    • speakers: NGO, local authority, police
  • Behavior change: the key for a safe, child-friendly neighbourhood
    • speakers: NGO, school, local authority

PLENUM (11u50 – 13u00)

Presentation ERSC (European Road Safety Charter)

Panel discussion and closing word

NETWORKING & LUNCH (13h00 – 14h30)

NOTE: this workshop will be in Dutch, the ERSCharter workshop in French will be organised later this year.

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