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European Road Safety Charter Workshop - the Netherlands

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10. február 2014
Verkeerseducatie Centrum VEC
Responsible Young Drivers (RYD)

The second European Road Safety Charter Workshop was held in the Netherlands (Drachten) on Monday 10 February, 2014. This follows the first workshop in Vilnius, which officially kicked off the ERSCharter tour.

The emphasis in Drachten was once again on youth, with Responsible Young Drivers (RYD) hosting the event. The schedule of the day included:

  • Welcoming words form RYD and the European Commission
  • Dutch and Friesian Road Safety statistics analyses
  • Road Safety projects for young people in the Province of Friesland in 2014
  • The new ERSCharter - Commitment of young people: Changes and new priorities
  • Discussion and brainstorming sessions
  • Action Training: Peer to Peer Communication with youngsters

This workshop is part of a series of ERSCharter events across all 28 Member States over the next 3 years. The tour aims to continually create awareness of road safety amongst young people, whilst following the EU Road Safety Policy Orientations set up by the European Commission for the decade 2011-2020.


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