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The Exertion of road safety

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8. május 2015 - 10. május 2015
Volunteer group of Megara Attica "A.O. ΚΟΥΡΟΣ

The Volunteer group of Megara Attica "A.O. ΚΟΥΡΟΣ" , with the support of Megara Municipality and other governmental and non-governmental agencies , will organize a three-day-period event , 8 - 10 May 2015.The main theme of the event is : " The Exertion of road safety ". Our schedule indetail: Day 1st (8 May) - In the morning we will give 800 bicycle helmets for children. In the afternoon , members from Parents Association and from us will place pavilions where children can draw , paint , complete questionnaires and many more activities related with the road safety. In the evening , a lecture on " Children's safety in modern road network" will take place . Day 2nd (9 May) - Various agencies and clubs will organize mini-events and other activities. Day 3rd (10 May)- The 10th Cycling Tour of Megara Attica will take place.

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