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Expert round table - "Safety of cycling and urban integration"

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24. maaliskuu 2015
Campus Borongaj
Association Safety in Traffic

At a time when growing number of cyclists are taking their place in traffic, as well as the announcement of education and schools for adult cyclists 18 Association Safety in Traffic organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Traffic Sciences in Zagreb Round Table, at March 24, at the premises of the Faculty, where the competent institutions at the national level, experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and planners and experts from the administration of the city of Zagreb presented their activities in the field of cycling and safety of cycling. The meeting was attended and associations of cyclists as well as partners from the public bicycle system. School will be held during April, for now in Zagreb with planned expansion to other cities. The round table overall conclusions were highlighted facts indicating the necessary changes.For instance in the last five years, nearly 120 cyclists lost their lives, with thousands of serious injuries and even more minor injuries. Most of the fatalities are among adult cyclist, that indicating that an urgent, cheap and conductive education measures are necessary, until the infrastructure and urban bicycle schemes, shall become preconditions for better safety of cyclists.


Expert round table - "Safety of cycling and urban integration"

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