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Joint organisation of round table "Human rights and traffic" ("Varovanje človekovih pravic v prometu")

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15. Listopad 2017

Traffic has become one of the most important segments of modern society, since we can no longer imagine everyday life without it. However, nowadays we are focusing more and more on human rights and their meaning, these two elements and their connection cannot be ignored, and because of their complexity, they deserve special attention. At a round table, organized by the local club AMD Slovenija avto in cooperation with a national association of 87 automobile and motorcycle local clubs AMZS in Slovenia, on the topic of protection of human rights in traffic, this time among the representatives of various institutions, an interesting word and, above all, a constructive debate took place.

/file/okrogla-miza-varovanje-%C4%8Dlovekovih-pravic-v-prometu_plOkrogla miza Varovanje človekovih pravic v prometu

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Monika Dežela Grkman
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