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In this section, you will find testimonials from our members about their experience with the European Road Safety Charter. We would love to hear your Charter story as well! Share it with us by filling out the form on the right-hand side of the page. Someone from the Charter team will review and publish your submission.

Mauro Favazza

In 2015 we had the idea to ​​buy backpacks with reflectors for primary school kids, so that they could be more visible in school in the morning or in the afternoon for sports activities. The Municipality of Verona unfortunately had no funds available. Our Association for Motorcycling Coordination Committee was at the beginning and without money. Therefore, I as president invested 576 euros of my own salary, plus another 100 euros for booklets 'The family in motion'. Everything was given as a present.

Xristos Giannoukas

Giannoukas Driving School was established having as primary concern both to raise awareness of active drivers and generally of all the road users and to initiate new drivers on safer driving habits. The differentiation of our School from other similar ones, lies in the fact that it is addressed to those who are “circulating” on the road network, that is to say all of us. Therefore, having as a springboard the ever-increasing percentage of people who leave their last breath on the road, I have attempted to demonstrate the importance not only of the training of prospective drivers, which is truly important, but also the urgent need for lifelong learning of all the road users.

Educación y Seguridad Vial en La Gomera

La Gomera es una de las siete islas de las islas Canarias (España), tiene una superficie de 369,76 Km, y es también es conocida como la isla Colombina, porque fue lugar de avituallamiento de Cristóbal Colón, antes de partir al Nuevo Mundo en 1492. La isla es desde el año 2012, Reserva de la Biosfera.
Tiene una población de 20.976 habitantes, estando dividida en seis municipios; Agulo, Alajeró, Hermigua, Vallehermoso, Valle Gran Rey, y San Sebastián de La Gomera, siendo este último donde se ubica la sede del Cabildo Insular de La Gomera, que es el órgano de Gobierno de la Isla. El Cabildo Insular de La Gomera, que tiene entre sus propósitos, la mejora de la Seguridad Vial en la Isla, y dentro del Plan de Acción de Seguridad Vial, lanzado por la Comisión Europea, para reducir la siniestralidad vial.

Mohamed Metwalli Khalifa Saleh (Mohamed Saleh)

I’m from Egypt at Africa, I have a patent No,2671 for the year 2011 issued by name, (Extra Spotlights through Xenon, Laser or LED Bulb) and No,1661 for the year 2014 by name(A device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes) from, Academy of Scientific Research in Cairo Egypt.
According to the World Bank report Rapid urbanization and motorization: Cities will be home to some 5.4 billion residents by 2050, equivalent to 2/3 of the projected global population. The number of vehicles on the road will double to reach 2 billion by 2050.

Javier Razábal Velilla

MotorLand Aragón reconoce la problemática existente en materia de seguridad y se compromete a aplicar las medidas contempladas en la Carta Europea de Seguridad Vial.
Teniendo en cuenta que la actuación coordinada de todas las partes implicadas favorece a obtener resultados más positivos en seguridad vial, MotorLand Aragón reafirma su compromiso de llevar a la práctica de forma voluntaria y dentro de sus competencias los siguientes aspectos:
1. Reconocimiento del problema y voluntad de afrontarlo. La siniestralidad vial supone una notable incidencia real, por lo que es necesario adoptar medidas eficaces para reducir el número de accidentes mortales en carretera. De esta manera, se podrán conocer los costes reales de los accidentes de tráfico y los prejuicios económicos y sociales derivados.
2. Controlar los costes sobre los carburantes y sus emisiones.