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In this section, you will find testimonials from our members about their experience with the European Road Safety Charter. We would love to hear your Charter story as well! Share it with us by filling out the form on the right-hand side of the page. Someone from the Charter team will review and publish your submission.

José Fernando Guilherme

I was the fleet manager of CTT (Post office of Portugal) for many years. At that time, one of my worries was the damage to the fleet and especially the road accidents, and we started raising awareness of the drivers. We were contacted by the European Road Safety Charter and the road safety promotion work that they developed. This is how we have considered important for CTT to attach our efforts to the efforts of many organisations and people who are working for road safety all over Europe. Since then we have elaborated intervention programs that whenever applied have positive results. In the last edition of this road safety program we have been clearly further, involving other areas of the company and working on all issues related to road safety - from the acquisition of vehicles, the control of accidents, the training of drivers, communication and awareness and other actions to promote road safety as the Drivers Challenge.


TRAFPOL-IRSA​ es un​a Asociación​ ​española sin ánimo de lucro. El objeto de la misma es desarrollar y difundir actividades de Seguridad Vial entre los jóvenes y colaborar con Instituciones, Fundaciones y/o Asociaciones en la prevención de los accidentes de tráfico. Desarrollamos varias actividades de seguridad vial, entre las que destaca el Road Show, una interesante y novedosa actividad multimedia que tiene mucho éxito en España y en Iberoamérica, dirigida a jóvenes entre 16 y 29 años, a fin concienciarlos sobre el peligro de las conductas de riesgo en la conducción, sobre las consecuencias irreversibles de los accidentes de tráfico y en la necesidad de la adopción de medidas de precaución. Generalmente el público escogido son los alumnos de Institutos y Universidades, u otros colectivos de estas edades. Desde 2.003, año de comienzo de actividades de TRAFPOL-IRSA, en España hemos realizado ya más de 600 Road Shows, con una asistencia aproximada de 200.000 jóvenes.

Eleni Karidi

Efthita of Rhodes was created in 2004, after the tragic loss of my son Dimitris 19 years old student in 2002, when a driver under the influence of alcohol in fatally wounded pedestrian in pavement. In order to fulfill his dreams and wishes. We all try to reduce car accidents all over the world and to support each other in this common effort. I wish that our voice reaches all those politicians responsible for the car accident prevention.We all should continue to have faith and act in order to save people lives in honor of our beloved people that left so tragically.Working together with our colleagues in FEVR and in the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety & Road Victims . Supports for Road Victims and for their bereaved families. Together, we can save lives. Together we are road safety.With honor , Eleni Karidi

Georg – Davor Lisicin

„Association Safety in Traffic is founded in 2009. as unique non-profit national organization that works on the Croatian territory, with influence on neighboring countries and we are engaged in monitoring, studying and improving traffic safety, raising the level of traffic culture and public awareness and personalization of traffic safety problem with the scope and consequences on traffic accidents. In our work and activities we are trying to reduce the number of traffic accidents, fatalities and severity of injuries, what is shown trough measurable indicators of our workshops for motorcyclists, and cyclists, but also there is work with responsible young drivers and we are organising the World Day of Rememberance in Croatia, scientific round tables and expert conferences to improve infrastructure and safety protocols at the national level.


La Charte nous permet de constater toutes les actions de Sécurité Routière réalisées sur le territoire européen.Cela nous permet d'avoir une vision plus large afin de lutter contre le fléau de l'Insécurité Routière.