European Road Safety Charter

Chaves City Hall

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


With the aim of increasing road safety, during the next three years together with the PSP (Public Security Police) we will implement the following actions
I)        "Safety at school program"
We will develop raising awareness activities and promote road safety in the school community in four municipalities: Chaves, Valpaços, Boticas e Montalegre, that belong to the responsibility of the National Republic Guard (GNR).
Our aim is to make aware:
513, 3 to 5 years old children.
1863, 1st cycle pupils (6-9 years old).
3875, 2nd and 3rd cycle pupils (10 - 18 years old).
Approximately 1800 parents of 1st and 2nd cycle pupils.
II)       "Support of 65-Elderly safety" program
We will raise awareness of elderly people of the four mentioned municipalities. Our aim is to reach about 1500 people. 
III)      "Business Safety" program
We will promote and maintain a safety climate and culture among businessmen in the four municipalities our aim being to reach about 500 businessmen.
IV)      " Physically challenged people" program
We will include special awareness raising activities aimed at disabled students of the four municipalities. We will reach approximatively 40 students. 
- All these raising awareness activities will be adapted to the different age groups and will focus on different topics, namely the behaviour as pedestrian, as cyclist, passenger or driver. Also we will include the behaviour to be adopted on the way from home to school and vice versa and while playing in the street. All these activities will take place in the schools as well as in the National Republic Guard headquarters.
Given the intense border movement, especially on weekends, with consequent high number of traffic accidents, comes the need to find joint solutions for victims of accidents and improve road safety in border towns of Portugal and Spain, namely Chaves populations (44,000 pop.) and Verin (14,000 inhabitants). That is why we also develop a transboundary safety project and driver education, which we believe can be a model for other border areas of the European Community.
V)       Elimination of structural barriers, maintenance and replacement of traffic signs, in both sides of the border (Chaves - Verín).
VI)      We will organise a road safety education week between two cities Chaves Municipality, Portugal y Verín Municipality, Spain with activities for all sectors of the population between the border.


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