European Road Safety Charter

CITA - International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

CITA wishes to support this Charter and proposes launching a three-year promotional campaign to motivate our European Union members to become signatories as well. Our efforts will be ongoing to keep the topic alive. Our members are a powerful instrument; they are in contact with an enormous number of road users. Millions of road vehicles in use are inspected every year by our European Union members.

A major part of their mission is to be proactive with regard to road safety. As such, they can contribute significantly to the target of the Charter through extra actions focused on road safety-related topics. We will guide our members in this project. Their added value will be their expertise, knowledge on the regional situation and creativity.

As its commitment, CITA will strive to encourage at least 30% of its European members to sign the Charter by the end of 2004 and at least 50% by the end of 2005.

Action plan:

  • The campaign will be launched on 6 September 2004.
  • We will disseminate information on the European Road Safety Charter via an article in the next edition of our publication, CITA News, and by direct contact with each of our European Union members. Thereafter, there will be regular follow-up articles and contacts.
  • A list with ideas on possible commitments to inspire our members will be distributed.
  • The European Road Safety Charter will be a standard topic on the agenda for our working groups.
  • Statistics on signatures by members and individual commitments will be published monthly.
  • During our 2005 conference, an entire day will be set aside to address inspections of vehicles in use and roadworthiness-related road safety topics.
  • The aim of these actions will be to set up a joint European framework for certain actions of CITA members concerning road safety to make its European dimension visible to citizens. The working title for such an action could be: The European Road Safety Technical Inspection Agencies Week. CITA would ensure the coordination of such joint action.
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