European Road Safety Charter

City of Siófok

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Our aim is to ensure the construction of useful, effective and safely separated cycling paths in our city and its surroundings.
During previous years we have already constructed several such cycling paths which resulted in the diminution of accidents by physically separating cyclists and cars. We will constantly increase the number and length of our cycling paths, taking into consideration the needs of every participant of transport. Our objective is to build 1 km long new cycling paths at:
- Fë (main) street
- Beszédes bridge over Sió canal
- Sió street
In the following 2 years further 2 km long cycling paths are envisaged to be constructed within the city.
It is very important that new cycling paths have direct connection with the already existing network, as they are the black spots for accidents involving cars and bicycles.
In order to slow down traffic and lower the number of accidents in the city, we have defined the most problematic sections of the road network and select the most adequate method accordingly.
Therefore in certain parts of the city (e.g. in the holiday and recreation areas) we will reduce the speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h (with 18 traffic signs). We also intend to use traffic signs to stress the dangerous sections
In order to further reduce the speed of the traffic we also intend to construct new roundabouts where the technical facilities make it possible.
Roundabout will be constructed at:
- Crossroads of Sió, Fë and Mártírok street
- Crossroads of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky and Marosi street.
We intend to realize the following activities:
- Definition of other areas where intervention is the most urgent.
- Providing necessary financial resources for the realization of the plans.
- In case of new investments, realization of previously adopted technologic solutions.
We will exclude transit traffic from the city centre in order to relieve the burden of the road network and with the aim to lower the number of casualties on our roads.
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