European Road Safety Charter

CLEPA - European Association of Automotive Suppliers

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
By signing the European Road Safety Charter we commit to the actions that will be carried out in the frame of the CLEPA initiative "LightSightSafety".
The objective of the initiative LightSightSafety is to create more awareness and understanding of the safety, comfort and environmental aspects of good quality car lighting for end users (car drivers), carmakers as well as relevant decision-making authorities.
1.       We will start a new research project related to better lighting in cars and its impact on the reduction of road accidents. This research will run for ½ year. The results will be presented during events and used in our publications.
2.       Together with relevant partners, we will carry out a EU-wide campaign that will inform car drivers about the different aspects of road safety. We will also organize about 10 face to face sessions a year with relevant organisations (e.g. governmental and customer organizations).
3.       We will regularly publish an article about road safety that will be offered to 10 car magazines.
4.       We will also publish information related to road safety on the CLEPA website.


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