European Road Safety Charter

Coral A.E. (former Shell Hellas A.E.)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Coral A.E. (former Shell Hellas A.E.) renews its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the “Goal Zero” initiative.

High technology and standards and Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems are not sufficient for completely eliminating accidents. This is why we introduce "Goal Zero" as our Safety moto. Goal Zero is our ultimate target, zero accidents, zero deaths, zero lost working hours. Motivating people to want to work safely requires a culture where behaviours and attitudes are always safety focused. An action plan was initiated towards achieving Goal zero:
  • Golden rules - Comply, Respect, Intervene: Training will be delivered to all staff either with direct or indirect relation to the company.
  • Health Safety Security Environment competence profile: For each job engagement an HSSE assessment was made and the respective profile was assigned. In the event of gaps identified between the employee and the assigned HSSE profile a training course will be delivered.
  • Life saving rules: 12 Life Saving rules will be introduced covering the most dangerous areas in our line of business. Compliance with these rules will be mandatory and all employees and contractors will be informed accordingly.
  • Defensive driving: Rollover, Fatigue and anti-stress training will be delivered to 100% of our drivers and the drivers of our collaborating companies.
  • Hearts & Minds: Training will be delivered to 100% of employees.
  • Safety days: One Safety day per year where all staff and contractors sit down and discuss safety issues. In 2010 the main focus was to highlight the importance of intervention. Leaflets & training was delivered to 100% of employees and 80% of contractors.
  • Children Painting competition: 20% of employees and contractors children will participate in an annual competition with a safety related subject.
  • Multimedia: Terminals will be equipped with video-screens to broadcast driving safety tips, black spot maps etc.
  • GPS: 60% of vehicles are equipped with GPS. Data will be available to the scheduling team to monitor driving habits.
  • Learning’s: Accidents will be shared with the entire drivers' community covering own staff and drivers of collaborators.
  • Appraisal: The hauliers & drivers' professional appraisal process is heavily focused on safety issues.
  • Sponsorship. Campaign for children safety on roads was sponsored.


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