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UIRR - International Union of Combined Rail-Road transport companies


The UIRR (International union of combined rail-road transport companies) brings together combined rail-road transport companies. Its main mission involves the promotion of this form of transport. The UIRR is currently made up of 19 members in 14 countries, and thus represents more than 70% of the total volume transported through this means in Europe.



Road Safety Consulting N.V.

Road Safety Consulting (RSC) is a corporate partner in the field of road risk prevention. RSC develops training tools as well as fleet assessment tools using the latest technology. The RSC’s main activity is to provide driver training to prevent road risk. The RSC team is composed of seven people who work in administration and 24 instructors who provide the training.

Sebaction asbl

Sebaction is an association that fights against the lack of road safety in Belgium. Its action targets young people and so-called ‘weekend accidents’. The team comprises 250 volunteers. The main aim of the association is to inform and raise awareness regarding road hazards.

Responsible Young Drivers

Responsible Young Drivers is an association which raises awareness and provides information and training for young people in responsible driving in order to reduce the number of people killed and injured on the roads. The method is based on the principle of dialogue between young people and on voluntary actions. Responsible Young Drivers is currently operating in three European countries: Belgium, The Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Royal Automobile Club of Belgium

The Royal Automobile Club of Belgium is a non-profit association working country-wide which carries out a number of tasks focused on the motor car, such as breakdown assistance and repairs, practical and legal advice, sport and recreation. It has twenty-five full-time staff and forty inspectors. Its particular feature is that it is engaged in a road accident prevention task.


Fédération Belge de la distribution - FEDIS asbl


Fedis représente 586 entreprises de distribution et 102 000 pts de vente qui représentent plus de 80% du marché belge. Ses activités principales sont la défense des intérêts du secteur de la distribution, ainsi que le conseil social, juridique, fiscal et économique.



ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association

ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, represents the 15 major European car, truck and bus manufacturers in the EU.


Arcelor Gent

Arcelor Gent produces about 5 million tons of flat steel per year. With 5,600 employees, it is an integrated steel company: from raw materials to galvanised/coated/tailor blanked steel sheets.

Flemish Foundation for Trafficknowledge (FFT)


The Flemish Foundation for Trafficknowledge (FFT)’s main activity is to organise and coordinate training and education concerning traffic and mobility. It furthermore stimulates scientific research, academic education and it advises the Flemish government and parliament on traffic matters.



Partageons nos routes (Share Our Roads, non-profit association)

The non-profit organisation brings together the key players in road safety (public prosecutors, police, insurance companies, associations, etc.) and carries out preventive actions aimed at significantly reducing the number of road accident victims in the province of Luxembourg. One sole employee ensures the general coordination.

Ninatrans NV

Ninatrans is a family based transport company specialising in airfreight transportation over the road with branches in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

It has 49 employees.



TOP-25 asbl

TOP-25 asbl is an association, created in 2006 to foster and promote road safety among young people by means of actions carried out throughout Europe in collaboration with associations of young volunteers. TOP-25 asbl comprises four people.

Toyota Motor Europe

Based in Belgium , Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is the European General Headquarter of the Japanese group, Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the leading vehicle manufacturers on the international market. TME is the seventh most important vehicle manufacturer in Europe, with a 5% market share and a workforce of 20 600 people.

European Transport Training Organisation - EuroTra

EuroTra, the European Transport Training Association is an international network of leading training institutes within the transport and logistics industry. Its mission is to serve the road transport and logistics industry by developing and training of human capital EuroTra includes today more than 20 leading training organisations in 17 countries all over Europe. The entity has 22 members.

Transport De Rese nv

Transport De Rese is specialised in transport of (dry) bulk containers, ADR tank containers, mega trailers throughout Europe. With its staff of 105 drivers and 20 employees, it offers a high standard of quality transport and delivery's. It is ISO certified since 1993.


Gantalcala Youth Association brings together more than 250 members across 27 regions in Europe. Gantalcala aims to offer informal education opportunities to young people across Europe. Gantalcala currently has four branches, in Seville, Spain, La Rioja, Spain, Grenoble, France, and Brussels, Belgium.


The Belgacom Group is Belgium's leading provider of integrated telecommunication services, offering a complete quadruple-play solution that integrates fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and television to professional and residential customers. With 18,000 employees, a fleet of 8,000 vehicles, 5,200 active suppliers, 4.6 million mobile customers, 4.2 million residential and almost 1 million professional customers (fixed lines), we can influence the road safety footprint.

Solutia Europe B.V.B.A.

Solutia creates performance materials that are used primarily in the automotive and architectural, transportation and industrial markets. While Solutia is based in the United States, it is truly a global company. It has more than 60 locations across five continents, and over 55% of its sales come from outside the United States. It has 16 sites (factories or offices) in different countries of Europe, with more or less 1000 employees.


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