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Petrol AD

Founded 75 years ago, Petrol Ltd. is a leader on the Bulgarian fuel market, with a market share of 21% and more than 1% of the GDP. The company owns and operates more than 500 petrol stations. It is one of the biggest private investors in Bulgaria and employs around 4,000 people.


The company is based in Plovdiv, Central Bulgaria, and it operates in the following areas: distribution and logistics, medicine, tourism, agriculture, stock-breeding and wine production. Number of employees: over 1,000.

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is a nationally represented horizontal non-profit private NGO with more than 48 000 member companies and 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry. The Chamber represents and advocates the interests of its members, provides business support and services to SMEs, organizes business forums, business missions, trainings, fairs and exhibitions, etc. Number of employees - 90.


Union of Bulgarian Motorists

The Union of Bulgarian Motorists (UAB) is a non-profit NGO. 46 local Branches, 79 automobile Clubs, 70 technical assistance Centers and 1500 employees. 150 special cars and 100 driving schools. UAB has 22.000 effective and 300.000 associated members and its main aim is to improve the road safety in Bulgaria. UAB primary activity is to provide specific kinds of services and assistance to its members and to foreign Clubs' members.



Overgas is Bulgaria's biggest private natural gas retailer. Its core business involves constructions and operation of gas distribution networks. The 2050 km of gas distribution pipeline that have been constructed so far, provide 275 000 Bulgarian householders with an access to blue fuel. The company employs around 1250 people.


Railway Transport Friends Association

The Railway Transport Friends Association is an NGO with 20 individuals and legal entities from all spheres of public life who realize the importance of railway transport as the most ecological and safe form of transport for European integration. The association is based in the city of Plovdiv, in central Bulgaria. Members are primarily from the cities of Sofia and Plovdiv.

Association of Car Manufacturers and Their Authorized Representatives for Bulgaria (ACM)

The Association of car manufacturers and their authorized representatives for Bulgaria (ACM) is a non-profit association of Bulgarian legal entities, which have been authorized by manufacturers to import and distribute motor vehicles on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. It has 40 members. АСМ is the organiser of the Sofia Motor Show. The ACM is a member of The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers OICA, since 1997 and also it is a member of The European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA, since 2005.

Multipack - PCHPK Ltd

Multipack PCHPK Ltd is the biggest Bulgarian Company, specialized in small portion packs production - white sugar, brown sugar, fruit sugar, sweetener, coffee creamer, instant coffee and tea, bee honey, salt and pepper packs. In the company are working around 100 people.


Association of Importers of Automobiles- AIA

The Association of Importers of Automobiles is a non-profit entity. It unites over 90 companies, which are importing and selling automobiles. The organization is represented by a president. The governing bodies are: General Assembly and Executive Board. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association and consists of all members of the association. The Executive Council consists of 13 people.

National Club “Bi-Bit”

National Club ''Bi-Bit "was established in 1991 and worked in the interest of the public. Its main activities are working on solving the problems of traffic safety through prevention, building a culture of knowledge and behaviour among children and young people as participants in traffic and adjusting driving behaviour of drivers.

The club has 21 regular members (paying membership fees), 500 public members, who according to our regulations are not supposed to pay membership fees (children and students) and 37 associations from public governances.


Bulgarian Red Cross

The Bulgarian Red Cross is part of the International movement of the Red Cross. Deal with the most vulnerable groups in the society. Staff 344 persons and 13 200 volunteers. National Headquarter is in Sofia and 28 regional branches all over the country.

EUROPE Gateway ( is the Bulgarian online media specialised in the European policies. The media was created in 2003. It provides information and analyses concerning the European policies and the Bulgarian participation in them. EUROPE Gateway is also a mediator in the national debate on European integration and in the current policies.

It has 7 employees and 3200 registered users. For the year 2010 it has registered 697,050 unique visits according to Google Analytics statistics.



Bella Food Industry is a holding structure, and its head office is in Plovdiv, central Bulgaria. It is the biggest company in the food industry in Bulgaria. The company is a leader in the field of non-perishable and perishable sausages, rolled pastry, puff pastry and margarines. It employs more than 3,000 people and has five factories, one refinery and one mill complex in Bulgaria. Fresh Logic Ltd. is part of Bella Bulgaria Holding and is in charge of all transport and logistics activities.

Planet – Children’s Parliament association

Planet - Children’s Parliament is a non-governmental organisation. There are 560 members, including children and young people between the ages of 6 and 20 years. The main activities aim to support the formal and informal education of children and young people in the region of Stara Zagora. It is based in Stara Zagora, in central Bulgaria.

Municipality of Stara Zagora

The municipality of Stara Zagora (Central Bulgaria) includes the city itself and 50 villages. The total population is approximately 190,000. The total number of private cars and company vehicles is about 45,000. The length of the road network within the city boundaries is 212 km.

Orgachim JSC

Orgachim JSC is a leading company in the chemical industry in Bulgaria. It has more than 800 employees, and manufactures products related to the field of construction. The product range includes paints, lacquers, enamels, primers, adhesives, electro-insulating lacquers, and resins. The company is the sole producer of anhydrides, and the largest producer of plasticizers and alkyd resins. It is based in Russe, the largest Bulgarian city on the Danube.

Bulgarian Federation of Taxi Drivers

The Bulgarian Federation of Taxi Drivers, based in Sofia, is an organisation made up of six independent corporate bodies. Its main objective is to defend the industry and interests of the members of the federation (in August 2007, there were 15,000 members) and it responds daily to some two million clients.

Bulgaria Vita Association

Bulgaria Vita Association, based in Dobrich, Bulgaria, is involved primarily in the construction and launch of a stem cell transplant centre in cooperation with Russian doctors from the Neyro Vita clinic. The centre is essential for 30,000 Bulgarians, the majority of whom have been affected by traffic accidents. The 28 members include public personalities and parents of victims, and they work as volunteers.

Sliven Regional Authority

The region of Sliven is in the south-east of Bulgaria and includes the municipalities of Sliven, Nova Zagora, Kotel and Tvarditsa. A total of 213,200 people live in the region, which covers 3,544 km2. The region’s administrative centre is in the city of Sliven, which has a population of 97,504.

Devin AD

The main activity of Devin AD is the bottling and sale of mineral water, spring water and sparkling and still soft drinks. Devin AD employs more than 470 people and supplies 31% of the Bulgarian market.

Psychological Center for Research

The Psychological Centre for Research is a leading nationally represented Bulgarian organization of differently abled children, youths and adults with physical, mental and sensory disabilities. The entity is an official member of the National Council for Integration of People with Disabilities toward Council of Ministers (the Official National Umbrella Institution for Civil Movements). PCR employs around 500 people and has over 240 000 members.


Green wave (Zelena vlna)

Green Wave is a company based in Sofia. Its activities are:

  • Publishing textbooks and road safety materials (films, software) for drivers; it is currently working with over 60 distributors all over the country.
  • Training drivers (over 6,000 trainees have successfully completed its courses). Training in defensive driving for advanced drivers.

Bulgarian Association for Helping Traffic Accident Victims

Bulgarian Association for Helping Traffic Accident Victims is an association which consults and assists for free traffic accident victims. It has 3 members: 2 persons and 1 company.

International Elias Canetti Society (IECS) Международно дружество „Елиас Канети” (МДЕК)

IECS is a non-governmental organization founded in 1992, in Ruse, Bulgaria. The society's objectives are research and popularization of Elias Canetti's work on an international scale, comparative and historical research of cultures, as well as cultural and educational activity for the building and development of civil society and stimulation of the intercultural dialogue.

Kamenitza AD

Kamenitza AD is a Bulgarian brewing company, and is a subsidiary of InBev S.A. The Kamenitza brewery in Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s first ever brewery, opened in 1881. Kamenitza AD operates locally through two brewing plants and one malting plant, which directly employ around 800 people. The company is famous for its local brands, Kamenitza and Astika, and the international InBev brands, Beck’s, Stella Artois and Staropramen. Kamenitza 0% is the only non-alcoholic beer produced in Bulgaria.

EKO Bulgaria

EKO Fuel Stations (76 operating in Bulgaria) are owned by EKO BULGARIA EAD. The company is present on the Bulgarian market since July 2002 and is a member of the biggest industrial and Trade Corporation in Greece - Hellenic Petroleum Group. More than 1,200 employees work for EKO Bulgaria.

Бензиностанции ЕКО са собственост на ЕКО България ЕАД. Компанията присъства на българския пазар от юли 2002 г. и е част от най-голямата индустриална и търговска корпорация в Гърция - "Hellenic Petroleum Group". Повече от 1200 служители работят в ЕКО България.

Bulgarian Association of Road Transport Unions - BASAT

Through its national unions, BASAT (Bulgarian Association of Road Transport Unions) represents 60% of the road transport industry in Bulgaria. It speaks on behalf of the operators of coaches and trucks, from large transport fleets to owner-drivers. It has eight employees responsible for the development of the activities: national/international road transport law, dialogue with governmental bodies, vocational training, international relations, etc.

Foundation "PEDESTRIANS" Фондация "ПЕШЕХОДЦИ"

Foundation "Pedestrians" aims for cooperation for the development of a positive social attitude towards the pedestrians and enhancing the citizens' culture by means of scientific and specialized information via Internet and mass media.

Фондация „Пешеходци” има за цел да подпомага развитието и изграждането на позитивно социално поведение по отношение на пешеходците и да възпита у гражданите култура на пътя благодарение на образователни и специализирани форми на обучение и информация чрез интернет и средствата за масова информация.


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