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INTERAMERICAN Insurance company is a member of EUREKO, one of the largest financial groups in Europe. The INTERAMERICAN Group products cover the complete range of insurance and financial services, offering solutions that meet specific needs.



O ΗΛΠΑΠ (Ηλεκτρικά Λεωφορεία Περιοχής Αθηνών Πειραιώς) είναι εταιρία ιδιωτικού δικαίου που ανήκει στον όμιλο ΟΑΣΑ (Οργανισμός Αστικών Συγκοινωνιών Αθηνών). Η κύρια αποστολή του είναι να παρέχει υπηρεσίες μεταφορικού έργου με ηλεκτρικά λεωφορεία , σύμφωνα με τα δρομολόγια και το πρόγραμμα που διαρθρώνεται από τον ΟΑΣΑ.Ο ΗΛΠΑΠ εξυπηρετεί 80 εκατομμύρια επιβάτες ετησίως χρησιμοποιώντας εναέριο δίκτυο συνολικού μήκους 350 km προσφέροντας 22 διαφορετικές γραμμές διαδρομών. Ο ΗΛΠΑΠ κατέχει 366 οχήματα και απασχολεί 1600 εργαζόμενους.

Athens University Medical School

Athens University Medical School attraverso il Centre for Research and Prevention of Intentional and Unintentional Injuries, da 15 anni svolge ricerche sulle cause di qualsiasi tipo di incidentalità. Centre for Research and Prevention of Intentional and Unintentional Injuries è un centro di ricerca all'interno del Dipartimento di Igiene ed epidemiologia dell'Università di Atene (Medicina preventiva) in cui la frequenza è attualmente di almeno 3000 persone. 520 nuove unità si iscrivono ogni anno.

Provoli – Publicity S.A.

Provoli – Publicity S.A. is a publishing company that specialises in motorcycle magazines and in organising motorcycle events and activities. Provoli – Publicity S.A. publishes the monthly "0300 magazine", which is the leading motorcycle magazine in Greece. The main actions are the "road safety schools" which are run since 1999. Provoli – Publicity S.A. represents several driving schools and trains over 1.400 riders annually.


Municipality o Thessaloniki - Traffic Directorate

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, a major modern port, and an industrial and commercial centre. In 1991 the population was 383,967 inhabitants. The Municipality of Thessaloniki is mainly responsible for: garbage collection, road works, street lighting, school buildings, public parks, kindergartens and nursery schools, immigration office etc. The Traffic Directorate of the Municipality of Thessaloniki is mainly responsible for traffic design, traffic lights, on and off road parking spaces, road design, bus lanes etc.


4t - Safetrack S.A. (Greek Safe Driving Centre)

Safetrack is an educational offer for drivers out of driver's school in Greece.

Hellenic Logistics Association

The Hellenic Logistics Association is a Non-profit scientific association working to develop and strength the communication and cooperation in the field of logistics.


Vodafone Greece

Vodafone Greece is the Greek branch of the international Vodafone Group. It is a telecommunications company and currently the largest private transmission network in Greece. Vodafone Greece employs around 2,500 people.

Pouliasis Publications

POULIASIS PUBLICATIONS is a small sized business based in Athens and operating all over Greece, which for more than two decades has been publishing magazines related to the car industry and auto sports. Two of these publications in particular, the magazines AUTOSAFE and ROADSAFETY, deal with the subject of road safety and have a circulation of about 600.000 per year.


Zografos Driving Academy


Proficient Driving Institute - Zografos S.A. teaches the students the traffic rules and organises for its members different kind of educational activities, helping the students to develop skills related to perception and management of risk and how these skills contribute to safe and responsible driving.



Thessaloniki A.E.

Thessaloniki A.E. is a diversified company founded in 1997 by driving school teachers. The company is active in the wider region of Thessaloniki and the main task is the training and education of prospective drivers and professional drivers. It is the only driving school that has a private training track and specialized mechanisms such as the skid-car, roll-car, etc.


University of Athens Medical School, Centre for Research and Prevention of Injuries (CE.RE.PR.I.)

The Centre for Research and Prevention of Injuries (CEREPRI) was established in December of 1991 under the auspices of the Hellenic Public Health Department of the Hellenic Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social Securities. It operates on the premises of the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Medical School at the University of Athens.

Heracles General Cement Co.

Heracles is a member of Lafarge Group and its primary activity is the production and distribution of cement.


Road Safety Institute Panos Mylonas

The Greek Road Safety Institute (R.S.I) "Panos Mylonas" is a not for profit Organisation founded by University Institutions and selectively appointed corporations. Its aim is to prevent and reduce traffic accidents by undertaking, supporting and promoting activities on issues dealing with the study, research and dissemination, information and training related to Road Safety.


Municipality of Alonissos

The Municipality of Alonissos is a local Authority that belongs in the Republic of Greece. It forms part of the group of islands located in north Sporades. It is the third biggest island of the group with 3.000 inhabitants.


Municipality of Volos

The Municipality of Volos is a Local Authority in Greece. Volos is the sixth biggest city in Greece and also the capital of Magnesia Prefecture. About 400 employees work in the Municipality. Its primary activity is to serve the citizens.


Municipality of Larissa

Larissa is the capital city of the Thessaly periphery of Greece, and capital of the Larissa Prefecture. It is a main agricultural centre and a national transportation hub, linked by rail with the port of Volos and with Thessaloniki and Athens. The population of the greater area is around 160,000, and takes in the Municipalities of Nikaia, Giannouli and other smaller suburban communities.


ORODA (Organization for Road Safety - City of Athens)

ORODA, the Organization for Road Safety - City of Athens is the only organization of its type in all of Greece. Its primary activities include the local implementation of European Road Safety Programs / Activities, the facilitation / implementation of locally developed Road Safety Programs for the citizens of Athens.


Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies

The Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies is a professional body of insurance undertakings (71 member companies) operating legally in Greece. Its main task is to promote its members companies position to Greek state, to European Union institutions and to International institutions and also to ameliorate insurance awareness of the Greek society.


Coral A.E. (former Shell Hellas A.E.)

Coral A.E. is the former Shell Hellas A.E. that was renamed in July 2010 after its acquisition by Motor Oil Hellas A.E. The company operates in Greece since 1926. With approximately 700 retail stations operating under the Shell brand it has a market share around 15,1% (2009 data) and is a leader in the Greek fuels market.

Hellenic Red Cross

The Hellenic Red Cross is a non Governmental Organization with the following Humanitarian Activities: nursing and social welfare services, rescue team, medical relief, financial relief, campaigns, and international emergency and development projects. The primary activity of the Hellenic Red Cross is based on human need.


Intracom Holdings

Intracom Holdings is one of the largest multinational technology groups in South-Eastern Europe focusing on telecommunications, defence electronics, IT services and solutions, broadband services and construction. The Group has subsidiaries in 23 countries and their products and services reach 70 countries around the globe.



AEK Football Club was established in 1924 and holds 27 national titles on record, while they have fittingly represented Greece in European competitions. Apart from the football team, AEK F.C. has a significant commercial department and has created a network of Aekshops with a total of 6 stores. The club is currently participating in the Greek Super League, the Greek Cup and the European Competition, UEFA Europa League.


Hellenic Post (ELTA)

Hellenic Post (ELTA) holds the leading position in the Greek postal market and offers a wide range of postal and financial services in its extended network of approximately 900 post offices and 500 postal agencies. It has 11,400 employees in total.

Gefyra S.A.

Gefyra S.A is the concession company for the Rion-Antirion Bridge project. It is responsible for the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of the Bridge for a 42 years concession period. Together with its subsidiary company Gefyra Litourgia S.A (which has undertaken the toll and traffic management, and the routine maintenance of the Bridge) employs 102 people.


Panellinia Omospondia Epaggelmation Taxi

The Hellenic Federation of Taxi Drivers provides guidance to all taxi unions throughout the country and to professional taxi drivers. The board of directors is composed of 13 people and the organisation is the supreme syndicate in the country.

Athens International Airport "EL. VENIZELOS" SA

Athens International Airport S.A. operates one of the most modern, functional and safest airports in the world. It constitutes the most important air travel gateway in SE Europe, providing high level of services to travellers. Aiming at continuous growth, AIA attracts significant investments, systematically exploits its real estate property, develops large scale commercial activity and exports its pioneer know-how in IT&T field. - Portal for Motorsports is the biggest motorsports web media portal in Greece with over 300.000 unique visitors per month (Google analytics report).


Greek Automobile Club (ELPA)

Greek Automobile Club (ELPA) is a non-profit association with the aim of developing and fortifying the sense of automotive touring along the lines of similar organizations throughout the world. ELPA's mission is the development, organization and empowerment of the automotive and motorcycle transport & touring, as well as the growth, organization and promotion of all forms of road-related motor sport activity in Greece.


Imako Media S.A.

IMAKO MEDIA S.A. is a Greek publication company. It employs at the time over 900 people and edits 9 magazines. One of them is the Greek edition of the Top Gear magazine that is an automotive magazine covering all road safety issues. 



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