Carta Europeană a Siguranței Rutiere


11. Iunie 2019
the Headquarters of the Motor Transport Institute (Warsaw, 80 Jagiellonska St.).
9. Februarie 2017 to 31. August 2017
Województwo Zachodniopomorskie
22. Martie 2018 to 23. Martie 2018
6. Iulie 2017 to 9. Septembrie 2017
Bonarka City Center, Hotel Forum
1. Iulie 2017 to 31. August 2017
Tarnów District, Poland
18. Aprilie 2017 to 31. Mai 2017
3. Aprilie 2017 to 30. Mai 2017
Poland - nationwide
16. Septembrie 2016 to 22. Septembrie 2016
23. Septembrie 2015 to 12. Februarie 2016
Zespól Oświatowy w Mysłowie
16. Iunie 2015
Łódź City Council
10. Martie 2014 to 30. Iunie 2014
Szkoły Ponadgimnazjalne
8. Mai 2014 to 9. Mai 2014
Novotel Centrum

Sawa Logistics Sp. z o.o.

Sawa Logistics Sp. z o.o operates in the market of freight forwarding services.
The company founded in 2011 is part of theSpediGo Group.


Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Passe-Partout - International Association of Passe-Partout


International Association of Passe-Partout has been in operation for 3 years.The notion of Passe-Partout in the name of the Association is related with its core mission: to constitute a strength that makes possible to realise things that seem impossible to attain, to be the key opening all the doors which remain closed so far in the area of social, cultural and economic development.


Association improve road safety "Safe Road"


The Association "Safe Road" is based in Poland and aims to:
- to reduce health risks in Poland.
- to help people injured from traffic accident in Poland.
- to create the material and organizational conditions for the comprehensive improvement of road safety.


Myślę na drodze

Myślę na drodze is a publications company based in Poland and has been running since 2009. Amongst its monthly publications the company also focuses on providing road safety training sessions.

Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o.

Arval Poland is a company in the operational leasing and fleet management sector, established in 1999. It has a total fleet of nearly 14.000 vehicles and market share of 14%. Its staff is composed by 100 professionals and it delivers services to 650 customers.


SPH Credo Jacek Bogusławski

SPH Creed is a publishing house that specializes in adapting solutions to teaching and learning aids driver training industry. These include comprehensive educational development, computer learning systems (e-learning), simulators and traditional textbooks.



National Road Safety Council - Krajowa Rada Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego - KRBRD

The National Road Safety Council (PL: Krajowa Rada Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego - KRBRD) was established on 1st January, 2002; under the Law about Road Traffic; as an auxiliary inter-department body of the Polish Council of Ministers for road safety issues. Members of KRBRD are appointed by the Prime Minister and include the representatives of various ministries and Road Safety related institutions



Wychowanie komunikacyjne (Road Safety Education)

  1. Redagowanie, wydawanie i dystrybucja czasopisma „Wychowanie Komunikacyjne” zawierającego tematykę przygotowania uczniów do bezpiecznego uczestnictwa w ruchu drogowym. Od 2007r ukazuje się nieregularnie i w ograniczonym nakładzie (2000-6000egz.).
  2. Wydawanie broszur o tematyce bezpieczeństwa ruchu drogowego.

Ochotnicza Straz Pozarna SZCZECIN

Volunteer Fire Brigades "SZCZECIN" (OSP Szczecin) is a nonprofit, rescue organisation that links in its ranks people who want to bring help to those who need it in all circumstances in which most important values – health and life - are directly threatened.

OSP Szczecin activities are primarily implemented in the following areas: search and rescue, training and safety promotion.


Przedszkole Nr 11 im. Lesnych Ludków

Kindergarten No 11 is a public institution operating since 1983 in Mikolów, Poland. The facility employs qualified and experienced staff of 30 persons. The kindergarten provides extra classes free of charge such as corrective gymnastics, French or English, as well as paid activities including karate, rhythm, swimming classes, etc.

Hi London School

Hi London School is an English language school which uses early language learning method. The school has been created for children of 3 to 16 years old. It is a small but very busy school which has a friendly and active community. There are 28 children in the school, 3 teachers and 1 staff member. The school is located in Warsaw.

Urzad Miasta Kalisz, Zarząd Dróg Miejskich

Jednostka budżetowa podległa urzędowi Miasta w Kaliszu. Zarządzanie drogami i organizacją ruchu, utrzymanie i budowa dróg w granicach administracyjnych miasta Kalisza. Liczba pracowników: 52.


Mota-Engil Central Europe

Mota-Engil Central Europe is a large constuction company that belongs to international Mota-Engil Group. The scope of its activities includes civil works connected with construction and modernization of motorways, roads, streets and bridge objects. One of the main guidelines that the company is following, is to actively participate in serious construction projects carried within the whole country, with particular attention paid to the development of Polish motorway network. Mota-Engil Central Europe employs 1665 people approximatelly. 

Biuro Inzynierskie

Biuro Inzynierskie K. Blazejowski swiadczy uslugi doradcze w zakresie zagadnien zwiazanych z budowa dróg, jak rowniez prowadzi prace badawcze oraz szkolenia zwiazane z ta tematyka.


Przedszkole Nr 18

The nursery school is attended by 125 children and we have very wide activity. We used to teach not only children but their parents too. They receive our bulletin "Kindergarten news" every month. We also have bulletin board. Teachers and parents prepare many educational events in order to create new, modern society. We are concerned on items, connected with safety, regional traditions and two foreign languages.


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