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Porto - City of Porto

Porto Municipality it is a public authority and employs 3500 people.The principal activities are environment, town planning, education, sports, mobility and transport, social issues, culture, economic activities, human stock management, etc. Porto City has an area of 42 km2 and approx. 263.000 inhabitants.

Clube de Ciclismo de Almada (Almada Cycling Club)

A cycling club that promotes transportation by bicycle and a safer traffic environment for cycling. The Club organises bicycle competitions and championships for children, cycling excursions, and publishes information on cycling routes.

Cascais Municipality

Local Government - Municipality - with 1.500 employees (civil service)

Number of citizens: 181.000

The Moto Club of Portugal

The Moto Club of Portugal works in the areas of roadside assistance, travelling, insurances and several motorsport activities. There are 228 employees and 220 000 individual members.

Ferreira do Zêzere - Town Hall

The Ferreira de Zêzere municipality counts with 9500 inhabitants. It is located in the Santarém District, Portugal. The city council has 135 employees.


APCV - Portuguese Association of Beer Breweries

The APCV – Associação Portuguesa de Produtores de Cerveja (Portuguese Association of Beer Breweries) – is a non-profit sector organisation based in Lisbon. It represents the companies in the national territory active in the industry of manufacturing and bottling of beer. This industry employs 2,206 workers (directly employed at beer manufacturing establishments). Indirectly, it involves some 7,200 employees in the area of service provision.

Albufeira Rotações Clube (Albufeira Rotations Club)

The Albufeira Rotações Clube is a group comprised of motorcycle enthusiasts with some 58 members located in the municipality of Albufeira, Portugal.

DECO - Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor)

DECO is the largest consumer protection association in Portugal, with 278,453 members and a technical staff of 183 employees. It is based in Lisbon and has six regional offices in different parts of the country. Its main activity is to provide support and education, and represent and defend the rights and legitimate interests of consumers.

SCUTVIAS Auto-Estradas da Beira Interior, S.A.

Highways operator with 180Km's, 3 tunnels with 8 galleries, 28 junctions, 5 Service Areas and 88 employees.

APSI - Association for the Promotion of Child Safety

APSI is a private, non-profit association of public interest established in 1992 with the aim of reducing the number and severity of accidents and their consequences involving children and young people. At present, APSI has a stable team of 18 people, including full-time and / or part-time workers, service providers and volunteers.

CCFL - Carris Transport Company of Lisbon, Plc

Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa, S.A. is the enterprise that holds the exclusive right to the surface urban public transport of passengers in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

It has at its disposal a staff of 2787 people, of whom 1764 are drivers who ensure operation of a fleet of 785 buses, 58 trams and 4 urban transport elevators, having transported in 2005 approximately 241 million passengers.


CTT - Correios de Portugal, S.A. (Portuguese Postal Service)

CTT - Correios de Portugal is the public postal operator of Portugal, ensuring the establishment of physical and electronic connections among citizens, the Public Administration, businesses and civil society organisations in general. It has over 16,000 employees and a fleet of more than 3,600 vehicles.

Via Azul - Associação Nacional de Técnicos Examinadores de Condução Automóvel (National Association of Driving Examiners)

Via Azul is a non-profit organisation acting on behalf of the interests of driving examination specialists. At present, it has 54 active members.

Fundação da Juventude

he Fundação da Juventude is a private national non-profit institution of public utility. Established in September 1989, it aims to develop and support initiatives and programmes seeking to integrate young people into active life. Currently, it has 27 employees.

Equalchance; Consultoria e Formação, Lda.

Equalchance; Consultoria e Formação, Lda. is a company that was established two years ago in Braga, Portugal, with a staff of three. The company’s main activities revolve around training lay people and medical staff to work as medical emergency volunteers or professionals.

Bébé Confort Coimbra

BÉBÉ CONFORT COIMBRA is a baby store located in Coimbra, Portugal, which offers car seats, strollers, nursery furniture and maternity clothes. There are 6 employees.

GARE - Associação para a Promoção de uma Cultura de Segurança Rodoviária (Association to Promote Road Safety Culture)

GARE (Associação para a Promoção de uma Cultura de Segurança Rodoviária) promotes the development of a road safety culture through different awareness-raising campaigns, debate, providing information and training to protect the rights of road users, and producing and distributing informative and educational materials. Our main target populations are children and young people. GARE has four employees and also has the help of a European volunteer this year.

CR&M, Active Driver Training (Formação Activa de Condução)

CR&M, Formação Activa de Condução (CR&M, Active Driver Training) is a company with 12 employees located in Palmela, Portugal. It provides training courses, driving evaluations and courses on driving emergency vehicles and school transport vehicles, among others. Its main customers are town councils and companies in the chemical, cement, petrol and energy industries, as well as pharmaceutical laboratories.

Municipal Council of Évora

The Évora Municipal Council is a local government institution that serves a population of 56,519 inhabitants distributed among 19 freguesias (districts) and covers an area of 1,307.2 km2, with 73% of the population residing in the city. Insofar as its structure, it has an elected municipal executive comprised by the Mayor and six Councillors. It is divided into 12 Departments and 19 Divisions. It employs 886 civil servants.

Leiria District Council

The District Council is a government organism covering the area of a district. It has authority over Civil Protection, Road Safety, District Security and the provision of District Public Services. Twenty civil servants work at the Leiria District Council. In 2005, the Leiria District of Portugal had a resident population of 475,662 inhabitants.

Lisbon City Council

Lisbon City Council is a public authority of the local administration that employs around 12,000 officials. It manages an area of 84.6 km² and around 565,000 inhabitants. Highlighted as one of the main activities is the management of public space, the network of roads and the system of parking and transport. The district includes 119,543 inhabitants in area of 6,065 km².

Toyota Caetano Portugal, S.A.

Toyota Caetano Portugal is a company in the Salvador Caetano Group and has 670 employees. Main activities: It imports light commercial and passenger vehicles, mini-coasters and load-moving machines, and also provide after-sales service. Approximately 50% of production is exported to other parts of Europe.

Prefecture of Castelo Branco

The prefecture of Castelo Branco is the organism that represents the government in the district’s area. Eleven officials work for the prefecture. The district has 208,073 inhabitants and an area of 6,675 km².

Publicações Da Costa, Lda

Da Costa Publishing, Lda is a publisher specialised in motoring. It employs around 30 people and publishes 3 weekly magazines: 2 on cars and one on motorbikes. Auto Compra e Venda, with a circulation of more than 26,000 copies* per month is a market leader, as is Topos & Clássicos, with a circulation of around 20,000. Moto Compra Venda is the most recent magazine in the group, with 5 years of existence and a circulation of around 16,000 copies.
* Regarding fortnightly publishing

Governo Civil de Bragança

Governo Civil de Bragança é o representante do Governo Central no Distrito de Bragança. Sua área soma 6608 km², sendo assim o quinto maior distrito português, habitado por uma população de 148 808 habitantes

Grupo Luis Simões

O Grupo Luis Simões é um grupo de empresas de de Transporte e Logística, funcionando há 60 anos.

Opera em toda a Península Ibérica e é líder de mercado em Portugal. Tem cerca de 1600 colaboradores. Anualmente os seus conductores percorrem 80 milhões de Kms.

Liberty Seguros Portugal

Pertencente ao Grupo Liberty Mutual, a Liberty Seguros em Portugal é uma empresa com 412 Colaboradores, que oferece produtos auto, lar, vida, acidente pessoais, para particulares e para as micro, pequenas e médias empresas. Conta com 32 Espaços Liberty e uma vasta rede de Agentes de Seguros.
A Liberty Seguros em Portugal tem 369.497 Clientes.

Governo Civil de Lisboa

O Governo Civil do Distrito de Lisboa representa o Governo na área geográfica do distrito. Exerce competências nos seguintes domínios: Representação do Governo, Aproximação entre o cidadão e a Administraçã, Segurança Pública e Protecção civil.
O distrito tem uma área: 2761 km² (16º maior distrito português). A população residente é de 2.124.426 habitantes.

Governo Civil de Portalegre

Governo Civil do Distrito de Portalegre representa o Governo no Distrito, promovendo a aproximação entre os diversos actores sociais, prestar serviço de qualidade e adoptar medidas no quadro das orientações do Governo, em particular em matéria de Segurança e Protecção e Socorro. Nº de colaboradores: 14. O Distrito tem uma área de 6065 km² (6º maior distrito português) e 119.543 residentes.

Governo Civil de Viana do Castelo

O Governo Civil do Distrito de Viana do Castelo é um serviço desconcentrado da administração central, representante do Governo no Distrito, que actua como interlocutor entre o poder central, as populações e o poder local. Área do distrito é de 2 255 km², a população residente é de 252 011.


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