European Road Safety Charter


Prefecture of Viseu

Prefecture of the District of Viseu, Portugal. Represents the central government in the district, collaborates in divulging the sectoral policies of the Government. The district has 394,925 inhabitants and consists of 24 municipalities, who jointly occupy a surface of 5,007 km².

Bússola - Associação de Desenvolvimento Local de Vendas Novas

Associação não governamental de direito privado e sem fins lucrativos. Desenvolve actividades de desenvolvimento local de cariz social, cultural, patrimonial, desportivo e de sensibilização. A Bússola, criada em Outubro de 2007, tem já cerca de 50 associados, estando mais alguns por aprovar em Assembleia-Geral de associados e chegando à nossa sede novos pedidos de membros quase diariamente.

Governo Civil de Aveiro

Governo Civil de Aveiro é representante do Governo de Portugal no Distrito de Aveiro. Conta com 713.575 habitantes e ocupa um território de 2.808 km2.

National Association of Medical Students - ANEM

The National Association of Medical Students (ANEM) is the federation of Associations of Medical Students at Portuguese Medical Schools, with the main goal of representing medical students from the national medical schools.

The 7 associations/branches of the national medical schools are members of ANEM, with offices in Braga, Porto, Coimbra, Covilhã and Lisbon. ANEM represents around 7,000 students.

Prefecture of Beja

The prefecture of Beja exercises power in the domains represented by the Government in the district’s area. Currently 14 people work for the prefecture of Beja. The district has a population of 161,211 individuals in a geographical area of 10,223 km² and consists of 14 councils and 100 parishes.


AENOR, a company situated in Matosinhos (Portugal) employs around 400 workers. It operates on a national level. The main activities are: concepts, projects, financing, construction, maintenance and exploitation of the motorways. It includes approximately 600 km of motorways.

Prefecture of Braga

The prefecture of the district of Braga ensures the representation of the government, the contribution of the security forces, protection of civilians and the decentralised services of the central administration in the district with a view to the care and supervision of the citizen by the central administration. It includes 29 officials, 831,009 inhabitants and a territory of 2,703 km².

Federation of Youth Associations of the District of Leiria

The Federation of Youth Associations of the District of Leiria represents and assists youth associations located in this district and has equipment and resources that are available to these associations. The Federation has 35 associates and 8 workers.

Instituto de Formação Rodoviária

IFR (Instituto de Formação Rodoviária) is a company that intervenes in the fields of prevention, road safety and transport with special attention to training and awareness-building. Our aim is to reduce accidents and change behaviour in drivers through quality standards. IFR acts at the local, regional and national level with 12 employees and close to 50 collaborators across the country.

Municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto

Cabeceiras de Basto is a Portuguese village in the district of Braga with around 4,400 inhabitants. The city council includes 223 civil servants.

Associaçao dos Transportes Rodoviários em Automóveis Ligeiros

A Associaçao dos Transportes Rodoviários em Automóveis Ligeiros (ANTRAL) é uma associação, com sede em Lisboa, que representa cerca de 85% do sector dos táxis, tem mais de 8500 associados que exploram à volta de 11000 viaturas. O seu objectivo é a defesa dos legítimos interesses dos associados. Tem 5 delegações (Porto, Coimbra, Faro, Évora e Viseu).

Prefecture of Faro

With 4,995 km², a population of 395,218 inhabitants distributed amongst 16 councils and an influx of visitors of around 5 million tourists per year, Algarve is located in the far west of Europe, in the south of Portugal. The prefecture of Faro has 25 officials and represents the Portuguese government in the region.

Prefecture of Setúbal

The prefecture of the district of Setúbal has as its mission to represent the government in the area of the district. It has a special responsibility in the following fields: representation of the government, bringing the citizen and the administration together, public safety and civil protection. The district has an area of 5,064 km² (the 8th biggest Portuguese district). The resident population is 815,858.

Prefecture of Évora

To guarantee, on a local level, decentralised representation of the government, coordination of the services and forces of safety and civil protection, and coordination of the services by the central administration acting in the respective area.

Rodoviaria de Lisboa

A Rodoviaria de Lisboa, S.A. efectua serviços de transporte rodoviário de passageiros em regime de serviço público e alugueres fixos ou ocasionais. Com uma equipa de 770 colaboradores, dos quais 570 são motoristas, a Rodoviária de Lisboa, S.A. opera em cerca de 1300 Kms de rede concessionada na Área Metropolitana de Lisboa.

National Association of Commercial Companies and Automobile Reparations (ANECRA)

The National Association of Commercial Companies and Automobile Reparations (ANECRA) is a commercial association which represents and defends the interests of its 3,850 associates. In addition to institutional representation, ANECRA has various help-desks for their associates and partners. It has 28 employees.

Prefectur of Porto

The representation of the Government in the District, which works between the citizens and the administration, road safety and civil protection. With currently around 60 officials it also provides services with regard to the issue of passport and traffic tickets. In the district of Porto there currently lives 1.867.986 people.

TAP Portugal

TAP is a passenger, cargo and mail airline with an aircraft maintenance business unit. It has almost 6,500 employees. In 2007, its turnover was €1.846 billion, and it transported 7.8 million passengers and 92,800 tonnes of cargo and mail to 165 destinations.

Cimpor Indústria de Cimentos, SA

Cimpor Indústria de Cimentos, SA, is a market-leading cement company. Its main activities are cement and natural hydraulic lime manufacturing, distribution and sales. It has a workforce of 650 employees.

Torres Vedras City Hall

The Municipality of Torres Vedras covers a Lisbon district and is responsible for asset management and public services in the municipality of Torres Vedras in Portugal. The Municipality has approximately 79,500 inhabitants. Approximately 734 employees are working for the Municipality.

Arruda dos Vinhos City Hall

Arruda dos Vinhos is a Portuguese town in the district of Lisbon, in the central region and western subregion, with around 5,800 inhabitants.

Amadora City Hall

Public entity which envisages the pursuit of the public interest in several areas, such as: transportation, education, health, housing, environment, basic sanitation, energy, social action, urbanisations, etc., with around 1,400 civil servants. Around 175,872 inhabitants reside in the council of Amadora, which is integrated into the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, belongs to the district of Lisbon and borders on the following councils: Lisbon, Oeiras, Sintra and Odivelas.

Horários do funchal – Public Transport, S.A.

Horários do Funchal, which provides road transportation of passengers on city and intercity lines, has its head office in Funchal, Madeira. It manages buses for city and intercity transportation of passengers. It has 620 employees, of which 383 are drivers.

Aveiro City Hall

The municipality of Aveiro is a public authority for the local administration, employing approximately 1,000 officials. It manages an area of 200 km² and around 73,350 inhabitants.

Associação Nacional de Centros de Inspecção Automóvel (ANCIA)

ANCIA - National Association of Vehicle Inspection Centres is the representative association of the entities that dedicate themselves to the activity of vehicle technical inspections in Portugal and has nowadays 65 members and 10 members of staff. ANCIA develops activities and partnerships that lead to the promotion and disclosure of knowledge and practices in the area of vehicle technical inspections.

Mafra Town Council

The Mafra Town Council is a local administrative body of the state, responsible for 300 km of the municipality’s roads, a geographical area of approximately 300 km2 and around 66,000 inhabitants.

Auto Sport Association (Associação Nacional do Desporto Automovel)

The association is responsible for promoting the Portugal OffRoad, Rallycross, Autocross and Crosscar Championships, recognised by the Portuguese Automobile and Kart Federation, and its aim is to promote the media image of the sport. It includes 18 members (the association is recent and the non-official members, which are those who benefit from the association, are the drivers and the organisers, who together are close to 270). It is located in Penafiel and operates on the national level.


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