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Halcrow Romania

Halcrow acts in infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways and water systems), environment protection, waste management, urban and rural development, restructuring, European integration, infrastructure-based and environmental protection consultancy, design, water resources and river basin development, water supply, wastewater, municipal water, structural, M&E, irrigation, power generation, training, institutional, property and human resources development. It has 92 employees.


Asociaţia Victimelor Accidentelor de Circulaţie România

Asociaţia Victimelor Accidentelor de Circulaţie România este o organizaţie neguvernamentală, cu obiectivul general de a oferi sprijin victimelor accidentelor de circulaţie şi rudelor lor, de a copera cu alte entităţi pentru a promova programele educaţionale în domeniul siguranţei circulaţiei şi de a creşte nivelul de responsabilizare asupra acestei probleme, de a ajuta la dezvoltarea legislaţiei din România pentru a ajunge la standarde europene şi de a implementa la nivel naţional cele mai bune practici internaţionale din domeniu. Asociaţia are 2.200 de membri la nivel naţional.

Asociaţia “Bate Şaua să Priceapă Iapa”

Asociaţia “Bate Şaua să Priceapă Iapa”, fondată în 2004, promovează turismul sustenibil (echitaţia), turismul românesc axat pe tradiţii, turismul românesc bazat pe artă şi cultură. Asociaţia este membră a coaliţiei naţionale Pro Velo din anul 2005, şi fondatoare a Federaţiei Bicicliştilor Români, în 2007. Asociaţia nu are angajaţi permanenţi, dar are 270 simpatizanţi (membri ai listei de discuţii yahoo BateSaua), 25 de membri persoane fizice şi 10 membri companii.

"Kick The Saddle" Association

"Kick The Saddle" Association, founded in 2004, is promoting sustainable (riding) tourism, Romanian traditions, Romanian traditional art and culture. It is member of the Pro Velo national coalition since 2005, founder of the Romanian Bicyclists Federation, in 2007. The association has no permanent employees, but 270 sympathizers (members of the BateSaua yahoo discussion list), 25 persons members, and 10 companies members. este un portal dedicat femeilor ce are ca scop sprijinirea acestora în toate domeniile care le preocupă. are în prezent peste 100.000 de membri, dintre care 83% sunt femei. Compania are în acest moment 8 angajaţi.


Revesz România


Compania Revesz România este specializată în transport şi soluţii logistice pentru produse criogenice şi gaze lichefiate conform ADR (Acordul European privind transportul rutier internaţional de mărfuri periculoase). Compania are un efectiv de 35 de angajaţi în România şi o flotă de 15 vehicule.


Revesz Romania

Revesz Romania is specialized in offering transport and logistical solutions in the domain of refrigerated liquefied provisions under ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). It has 35 employees in Romania and a car fleet of 15 vehicles.

Poşta Română

CN Poşta Română SA este operatorul naţional din domeniul serviciilor poştale şi se află în proprietatea statului român, reprezentat de Ministerul Comunicaţiilor şi Tehnologiei Informaţiei (75 la sută din pachetul de acţiuni) şi Fondul Proprietatea (25 la sută din pachetul de acţiuni). Poşta Română deţine în prezent o reţea de peste 7.100 de subunităţi postale la nivel naţional, distribuind săptămânal peste 8,5 milioane de trimiteri poştale. Compania are peste 35.000 de salariaţi şi un parc auto format din 1.126 maşini şi 36 motoscutere.

Association for the Promotion of Auto Safety

Association for the Promotion of Auto Safety is a national association (NGO) based in Romania. They deal with Road Safety Promotion across the entire country. Their primary function is to promote road safety, taking the current attitudes of drivers into account.


Automobil Clubul Român (Romanian Automobile Club)

Automobil Clubul Român is a national association based in Bucharest with 40 subsidiaries and more than 80 local agencies and technical assistance centres throughout Romania,, and 900 employees nationwide. ACR has around 300,000 members and its primary activity is to provide different kinds of assistance to its members and foreign club members.

Bassinas Trans Srl

Bassinas Trans Srl is a start-up transport and logistics company in Romania. The company has four employees and two vehicles.

Timisoara City Hall

With 336,089 inhabitants and covering an area of 129.2 km², Timisoara is one of the largest cities in Romania. It constitutes the major economic and cultural centre of Banat, in the west of the country.

Asigurarea Românească ASIROM - Vienna Insurance Group

Asigurarea Romaneasca ASIROM - VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP is a general and life insurance company with 2,225 employees. It is part of the Vienna Insurance Group. It has a broad territorial network, with over 200 units spread throughout Romania, with a strong distribution network all over the country.

Local Scout Centre "Aventura Gaesti" - National Organisation of Romanian Scouts

The Local Centre "Aventura" Gaesti, a branch of the National Organization of Romanian Scouts, started its activity in November 2001. Its scouts are active in various fields, such as exploring and discovering wild life, environment protection, civic education (practicing the democracy experience), culture (knowledge about ethnical minorities culture, acting jointly with disadvantaged people), social activities (informative campaigns, community projects). It has more than 60 volunteer members.

Germanos Telecom România

The GERMANOS group is the regional leader on the mobile technology retail market. Present in 4 countries, with more than 800 shops internationally, GERMANOS - part of the COSMOTE group - has assumed the mission to connect regular consumers with the mobile technology. In Romania, GERMANOS is present since 1996. At this day, the chain of GERMANOS stores has reached a number of more than 230 stores in Romania, being present in more than 100 cities.

Devin AD Romania

Devin AD entered Romanian market in May 2008 with Devin spring water and mineral water. It is a Bulgaria-based company. The main subject of the company's activity is bottling and sale of mineral water, spring water, flavoured waters and carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks. Devin AD is a leader on the market of bottled water in Bulgaria with a market share of 30%, in 2007. In Bulgaria, Devin AD employs more than 470 people.


Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently owns and operates 3 cement plants, in Turda (grinding), Campulung and Alesd, 16 environmentally-friendly ready-mixed concrete plants, and 5 aggregates plants. Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently has approximately 1,400 employees and is part of the Holcim Group. The website of the company is

Vesta Investment

Vesta Investment is a manufacturing company, specialized in production of safety and signalization items, as: road signs, beacons, cones, speed bumps, separators, reflective markers, delineator posts, warning triangles, first aid kits, identification plates, ADR components etc. With a turnover more than 10 million euro in 2007 and more than 200 employers, Vesta Investment is one of the biggest in its field from Central and Eastern Europe.

National Association of Travel Agencies ANAT (Asociatia Nationala a Agentiilor de Turism din Romania)

National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) is a professional public organization established by merger of travel agents and tour-operators in order to protect their interests and represent Romanian travel business worldwide. ANAT has almost 800 full and affiliated members, and 16 employees. The members are travel agencies or entities from tourism: flight companies and transport companies, rent-a-car companies, hotel and restaurants networks, publishing-houses, booking systems, organizations and associations from tourism domain.

„Autoshow” Magazine, Burda Romania

"Autoshow" magazine, published by Burda Romania (member of Hubert Burda Media, an international media group has 188 magazines in 13 countries), is infotainment (an entertainment and an information magazine) that presents news from Romanian and International car market, new models, events, drive tests, interviews, spy pictures, tuning articles, auto shows, car lovers, prices and quotations etc. It is a fortnightly magazine, with a circulation of 16,000 issues and a readership of 150 000 readers/issue. is a women’s portal designed to assist Romanian women in almost every area that concerns them. has now over 101.000 members, with 83% women. The company has 8 employees.


Romanian Mail Company

CN Posta Romana SA is the national operator in postal services. The company is owned by the Romanian state, represented by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (75% of stock actions) and "Proprietatea" Fund (25% of stock actions).
Posta Romana has a network of 7,100 national postal units, distributing over 8,5 mailings weekly. The company has 35,000 employees, 1,126 cars and 36 scooters.

Road Accidents Victims Association of Romania

Road Accidents Victims Association of Romania is a non-governmental organization with the general objectives to offer support for traffic accidents victims and their relatives, to cooperate with other entities for promoting educational programs in road safety and to raise awareness on this issue, to help on develop the Romanian legislation to meet European standards and to implement at national level best international practices in this field. The Association has 2,200 members at national level.

Romanian Brewery Association

The "Brewers of Romania" Association covers 80% of the Romanian beer industry and since the 1st of January 2008 has joined the large European family of the "Brewers of Europe", getting actively involved in large-scale projects. The members of the "Brewers of Romania" Association are Heineken Romania, InBev Romania, United Romanian Brewers Bereprod and Ursus Breweries.

City Hall of Brasov - Primăria Municipiului Braşov

Situated in the centre of Romania, Brasov is a tourist city, with a population of 283.901. It covers 267,32 km² and it is placed at the crossing of five national roads and the main European road. It is part of the Transylvania area.

Situat în centrul ţării, municipiul Braşov este un oraş turistic cu o populaţie de 283.901 locuitori. Are o suprafaţă de 267,32 km pătraţi şi se află la intersecţia a cinci drumuri naţionale şi un drum principal european. Este parte din zona istorică Transilvania.

Murfatlar Romania

Murfatlar is the leader of the local wine industry. The company produces and bottles several types of Romanian wine, both red and white. Has its own vineyard (3,000 hectare) and a Museum of Vinery and Vineyards. The company employees more than 500 people.

Murfatlar este liderul pieţei locale a vinului. Compania produce şi îmbuteliază câteva tipuri de vin românesc, atât roşu, cât şi alb. Compania are propria sa vie (3.000 de hectare) şi deţine un brand puternic. Are, de asemenea, un Muzeu al Viticulturii şi Viei, un punct de turistic pentru degustare şi peste 500 de angajaţi.

TCE Logistica & Curiero

TCE Logistics is one of the top three courier and express delivery Romanian companies. Our aim is providing all users high quality services for national and local (Bucharest) express delivery deliveries of envelops, packages and parcels, shipping and postal services. We have around 2,000 employees.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is the coordinator and representative of the most powerful national business network: it has 42 Territorial Chambers, 29 Bilateral Chambers and professional associations. Its main mission is to act as spokesperson of the Romanian Chamber system at both national and international level, and to promote the values of the unique European economical market within its members.

The Romanian Association of Public Transport

Established in 1990, The Romanian Association of Public Transport (URTP) is a professional and employers’ association of the Romanian public transport operators, non governmental, autonomous and apolitical, developing not for profit activities. It has 52 members: 36 of the the most important public transport operators and 16 companies from public transport industry.


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