European Road Safety Charter


Arse's Consultec, S.L.

Servicios de Consultoría y Formación, en especial formación sobre Seguridad Vial Laboral.


Eurocopter España, S.A.

Eurocopter España performs activities related to the design, installation and maintenance of helicopters, as well as other logistical support, that doesn’t require any material processing. The staff consists of approximately 500 employees who work in different buildings that make up the factory: the assembly hangars, the offices and repair areas.


Fundació Mutual De Conductors

Fundació Mutual is a private, non-profit foundation, which has set itself three major goals, namely: Road Education for future drivers, awareness raising in current drivers and collaborating with official bodies.


Instituto de Tráfico y Transporte (ITT)


ITT develops business and new products for the 70 road safety training member centres. We encourage innovation and the introduction of new products and services in these centres.




Agencia Tributaria Madrid

The Madrid Tax Administration Agency is an autonomous body of the Madrid Town hall, with powers attributed by the legislation for the effective implementation of the tax system; its activity falls within the Services Sector of the Local Administration of the Community of Madrid.


Alcobendas Town Hall - Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas

Alcobendas Town hall is the Government and Administration Body of the town bearing the same name, chaired by the Mayor, which comprises a total of 28 councillors. In the local administrative structure, the Alcobendas Local Police is a security body under the municipality, whose mission is to protect the free exercise of rights and freedoms, to guarantee the security and freedom of citizens and to avoid crime through its prevention, becoming a local public service close to the people, oriented towards problem and conflict solving.

Diputació de Lleida


La Diputación de Lleida es una Corporación pública de ámbito provincial y de carácter territorial que tiene como objetivo gestionar los intereses económicos, administrativos y de infraestructura de la provincia de Lleida.




Sando is a multinational company specializing in the sustainable construction of public works, with over thirty-five years of experience in the sector. It has a headcount of 1200 employees.


hc energía Grupo EDP

Generation, distribution and marketing of electricity and gas.



Renault dealer dedicated to the repair of vehicles as well as the sale of new and used vehicles.



Hero España S.A

Fabricación de nutrición infantil y adulta


Hero España S.A

Manufacture of nutritional products for children and adults.


Autoescuela Nasa

Empresa dedicada a la enseñanza de la conducción, formación en seguridad vial a conductores profesionales y transportistas, cursos de sensibilización y reeducación vial a infractores, prevención de riesgos a conductores profesionales y aspirantes a permisos de conducir para incidir en los riesgos de la conducción.


Autoescuela Nasa

In order to reduce risks related to driving, this driving school also provides road safety training for professional drivers and transporters, awareness courses and refresher courses for traffic offenders, and risk prevention courses for professional drivers and those preparing to take the driving test.


Autoescuela Meca

Nos dedicamos al ámbito de la formación vial para todos los permisos normales y profesionales, capacitamos a los transportistas, formamos para mercancías peligrosas, logística y transporte, agentes de movilidad, primeros auxilios y extinción de incendios.
Número de empleados: 4


Autoescuela Meca

Autoescuela Meca is a qualified driving school in Ayora (Valencia) offering a range of practical and theory courses in order to obtain most of the Spanish general and special driving licences, such as permits to transport hazardous materials or manage fire trucks and ambulances. It has a staff of 4 employees.


Pavimentos Asfálticos Salamanca S.L.

Empresa que se ocupa de construcción de obra civil, obra privada y edificación. Fabricación de aglomerado asfáltico, áridos, mortero y hormigón. Número de empleados: 310


Pavimentos Asfálticos Salamanca S.L.

Enterprise which deals with public and private construction and building company.  Manufacturer of asphalt mixtures, aggregate, mortar and cement.  310 employees.



Private Spanish Company, family-owned and independent, whose mission is to provide logistics, transportation and distribution services for our clients.

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza: ciudadanos 700.000, empleados 5000.
Policía Local: mantenimiento seguridad del tráfico


Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Zaragoza City Hall: citizens 700.000, employed 5000
Local police force: traffic safety maintenance.



ATISAE carries out activities and provides services such as Technical Inspection, Quality Control and Rules and Regulations Conformity Assessment, as well as Consultancy in different areas (Automotive, Construction, Electricity, Elevation, Energy, Mechanical Equipment, Industrial Laboratory, Environmental Lab etc.) It has a staff of 1300 professionals and more than 50 production centres spread across all of the autonomous communities.



Akra-Señal, S.L. belongs to a family business group, with more than 35 years of experience in the signage industry and in road equipment. It provides technical advisory services to various road administrations, regarding signage and road safety. We operate nationally.





CISVial is a company whose activity is focused on the prevention or risks during driving and on road safety. For this, we offer a whole range of services aimed at the technical improvement of driving through coaching, road planning and research and development of technological devices as part of road safety.




Alimentos del Mediterráneo (Alimer)

Plantación, recolección, manipulación y comercialización de frutas y verduras, piensos, quesos, lacteos, suministros agricolas, etc. (segun las secciones).





Construction company dedicated to the construction of buildings and urban infrastructure works, both public and private.
The staff consists of Qualified Technicians and internal staff to carry out the work, as well as a Machinery Park to supply the construction sites. The company’s main goal is to achieve Excellence in Customer Service and for this we count on Certified Management Systems.




Viamosa Motor, S.A.

Viamosa Motor,S.A. is an official Toyota dealer that sells and repairs vehicles. The number of employees is 36.


Guerra y Perdomo S.A. (GYPSA) is dedicated to the sale and installation of furniture and industrial machinery for the food and hospitality trade and installation and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation, industrial refrigeration and industrial machinery. It mainly operates in the Islands of La Palma and El Hierro, although it is also active on the other islands of the Canary Archipelago.


Autoescuela Miguel

Driving school from Parquesol - Valladolid


Cocemfe Asturias

Cocemfe Asturias is a Federation of Associations of persons with disabilities, of Public Interest, set up in 1994 to group in a single entity all the associations of persons with physical and organic disabilities from the Principality of Asturias and create a solid and representative infrastructure to work in the promotion and defence of collective rights to their full social integration.


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