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United Kingdom

United Kingdom


With over 30,000 employees in Europe, Arriva operates a range of transport services across eight Member States (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK) and provides more than one billion passenger journeys across the EU every year. Arriva's product range spans urban and inter-urban bus services, regional and inter-city rail services through to demand-responsive transport for the elderly and disabled and water taxis.

Bromley - London Borough of Bromley

Bromley is the largest London borough with 295,532 inhabitants in 1991. Located in the south east of the capital Bromley borough has one of the highest car ownership levels in London. The result is severe traffic congestion at peak periods (and increasingly at other times too). In the field of road safety, the responsibilities of the council are from supporting the preventive campaigns and school education to investments into infrastructure.

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council has established a cross-disciplinary team of officers in order to deliver the Inner City Road Safety Demonstration Project. This team includes one Road Safety Officer, two travel Plan Officers, twelve Engineers and external partners from the University of West England (Bristol) and the local community.

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council is the local government organisation responsible for the administration of Aberdeen City, the third City of Scotland. Aberdeen lies on the north-east coast of Scotland and has a population of 220000 with a similar number resident in Aberdeenshire, generally within commuting distance of the City.

Road Safety Scotland

Road Safety Scotland (RSS) is a part of the Scottish Government, with responsibility for road safety education and publicity in Scotland. We produce a suite of road safety education resources for each stage of a child's formal education career, and also design publicity campaigns to tackle specifically Scottish issues and support police enforcement. Number of staff: 5

Islington - London Borough of Islington

London Borough of Islington has 175.000 inhabitants. The role of Islington Council is to make decisions in the community’s best interests. In the field of road safety, the responsibilities are from supporting the preventive campaigns and school education to investments into infrastructure.

West Sussex County Council

West Sussex Council's task is to maintain roads safer (2,500 miles: 4,000 km of public roads) and ensure the safety of road users. It also supports public transport and encourages environmentally friendly ways of travelling.

Delivering safer roads in West Sussex is a key priority; schemes and initiatives to contribute to accident reduction will be taken.

Glasgow City Council

Glasgow, with a population of around 600,000, is Scotland's largest city and is the commercial capital of Scotland. The City Council works with partner agencies including Scottish Enterprise, the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Tourist Board, Greater Glasgow Health Board, public sector organisations, educational institutions and the private and voluntary sectors.

Manchester City Council

Manchester City is at the center of the Greater Manchester conurbation which is the economic driver for the whole of the northern region of England. The Council is the Highway Authority and Local Education Authority for its area.

London Borough of Merton


London Borough of Merton is a local authority. There are 3 road safety officers within the team and the primary activity is to reduce road casualties through a systematic programme of education, training and publicity, supported by engineering and enforcement programmes. 

Number of citizens: 192,000. Number of staff: 5000+


Greater London Authority


The Greater London Authority, the Mayor and the London Assembly constitute a unique form of strategic citywide government for London, including Transport for London, the functional body that delivers the Mayor's Transport strategy.


Number of citizens: 8 million

Number of staff: 600 at GLA, with 22,000 additional staff at the Mayor's functional body (Transport for London).


Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council is the local municipal authority delivering a comprehensive range of statutory and other services to the people of Leeds. With over 35000 employees, the Authority serves Leeds Metropolitan District, an area of some 552 km2 with a population of 715,000.

Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council maintains and improves 3528 miles of road, 1402 bridges, 229 traffic signals, 219 signaled pedestrian crossings, and 153,000 street lights each year. Lancashire County Council´s Road safety group´s mission is to reduce road casualties through the delivery of Road Safety education, training and publicity to help make Lancashire a safer place in which to walk, cycle, ride and drive.

South Gloucestershire Council


South Gloucestershire Council is a unitary Local Authority which employs 10,000 staff and serves a population of over 250,000. It provides a full range of services : Contract Services, Environmental Services, Education, Financial Services, Highways, Housing, Leisure, Planning, Transportation and Social Services.


Hampshire County Council

The County Council is the local Highway (traffic) Authority for Hampshire, which lies centrally on the south coast of southern England. The Council has responsibility for all highway matters (including road safety services) for the Hampshire road network excluding local strategic motorways and trunk roads which are the responsibility of The Highways Agency.

Number of citizens:1,276,800

Number of staff:31,000


Camden - London Borough of Camden

Camden's Street Policy Service and Engineering Service deliver the Council's road safety strategy for a population of 217,000 residents, plus visitors and people in educational establishments.

London Borough of Ealing


It's a local authority and its aim is to support the local community in social, environmental, education, regeneration, business, leisure, housing, business and democratic matters.

Number of citizens: 300,000

Number of staff: 3,000


MASS - Motor Accident Solicitors Society

MASS promotes the highest standards of legal services through education and representation in the pursuit of justice for the victims of road traffic accidents.


TyreSafe is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving road safety by raising awareness about the dangers associated with illegal and defective tyres. It campaigns in line with current legislation and duty of care regulations, engaging with a wide range of audiences.

AA Motoring Trust

The AA Trust is a charity which conducts research and provides advocacy, advice, and information across the field of motoring, roads and transport and the environment to the general public.

SCARD - Support and Care after Road Death and Injury

SCARD is a registered charity that provides emotional and practical support and free counselling to persons affected by road incidents. A helpline operating 365 days 9am to 9pm. The charity also campaigns for safer roads.


Nationwide Building Society

Nation wide is a financial services provider with 700 branches across the UK.


Sustrans is a non-profit NGO, a charity under UK law, working on practical programmes to enable and promote walking, cycling and public transport, to benefit individual health and quality of life and to protect the global and local environment.

Number of staff: 320


Fleet News / Fleet News Europe

Fleet News is the industry newspaper for the company car and van industry, with more than 20,000 readers who between them buy more than half of all the new cars sold in the UK each year, along with most vans. In total, they run an estimated 4 million-plus vehicles.


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA)

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is a registered charity which was established in 1917. Our mission is to save lives and reduce injuries, in all areas of injury prevention, not just on the road. We raise awareness about the causes of road accidents and promote and deliver measures to help prevent them or reduce their severity.

Number of individual members: 9.000. Number of professional members: 5.000. Number of staff: 130

Translink Ltd.

Translink is the main provider in Northern Ireland of road and rail public transport services.The organisation is Northern Ireland's 6th largest employers with approximately 4,000 employees and a turnover in excess of £168m. Over 81 million passenger journeys are made on Translink services each year. The company operates a fleet of 1500 buses and 40 trains.




RoadSafe's encourages and supports the development of partnerships between the motor industry and related companies, traffic engineers, the police, public health authorities and road safety professionals by providing access to the best available knowledge, promoting the safe system approach to safety management, the application of technology and encouraging improved education and innovation. Number of individual members: 4000. Number of professional members: 3000. Number of staff: 7


Kingston upon Hull City Council

In 2001 the population of Hull was 243.000. Hull City Council is responsible for roads and pathway maintenance, and we control parking in the city. We work hard to increase road safety through training schemes and regular campaigns.

The Caravan Club


The Caravan Club is a mutual organisation run for the benefit of the 1,000,000 caravanners, motor caravanners and trailer tent owners it represents. The core of the business is the provision of a network of sites providing a choice of some 3,000 locations in the UK.   The Caravan Club provides a range of member benefits including a specialist insurance scheme, vehicle breakdown and recovery service, training courses, and technical and legal help lines.


Dorset County Council

Small rural local authority providing a wide range of public services to local communities, including road safety education, training and publicity. Number of citizens: 400,000 Number of staff: 13,000


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