European Road Safety Charter

EENA - European Emergency Number Association

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The European Emergency Number Association, EENA, represented by Olivier Paul-Morandini, Founder-President, deliberately undertakes to implement measures that go beyond the regulatory requirements in force, namely:

Today, only 20% of Europeans know about the 112 number. Even if there are efficient emergency services, people will continue to die on European roads just because they do not know about this number. In order to disseminate information on the 112 number, the EENA organises press campaigns together with consumer associations and specialised press.

Furthermore, the EENA will issue two position papers for different scenarios of emergencies concerning user requirements and user behaviour.

The EENA will also develop a methodology to inform and train citizens in an integrated and holistic way for emergency situations. This will be done in collaboration with user groups and emergency services.

In order to improve the reach of mobile citizens in an emergency situation, the EENA has drawn up a review paper with the main messages and their characteristics according to the type of disaster, crisis and the type of technology to be disseminated.

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