European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We would like to give children the opportunity to cycle to school safely. In order to do so, we are developing the Génération Tandem Scolaire project, which involves support for cycling to school. We form pairs of intergenerational cyclists: a primary school pupil (aged 10 to 12) is accompanied by bicycle on the school route by a young person (aged 16 or over) from a neighbouring secondary school.
The stages are as follows:
  • Our company, Empreintes, the municipality, schools, participants and their parents meet to establish the pairs and come up with a school cycle route.
  • We submit the routes proposed by the participants and their parents to the local police force for approval.
  • We train the primary and secondary school pupils by teaching them the Highway Code and how to cycle in traffic so that they can cycle the route every day safely.
In addition, each participant receives a voucher in order to purchase safety material from a local cycle shop.
We aim to attract 50 participants per year.
  • Municipalities, police, schools
  • Children, adolescents and parents
  • Local cycle associations and local cycle shop owners
Duration of the commitment: 2009-2011


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