European Road Safety Charter

EP - Estradas de Portugal, S.A.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In order to improve the road safety conditions, the Motorways of Portugal will launch the network intervention plan, called Road Safety Plan including 5 strategic objectives:
1    Treatment of zones with a high concentration of accidents.
1.1    Elimination of black spots and zones with high accident concentration.
Up to 20 black spots will be worked on.

2    Preventive road safety actions
2.1    Improvement of pavement adhesion
2.2    Vertical signs
2.3    Roads marking
These actions will affect approximately 10.000 km.

2.4    Awareness raising campaigns, communication and assistance to users, as for example, the campaign “Become visible” aimed at the Fatima pilgrims. The objective is to raise awareness about all safety aspects of the most vulnerable roads users - the pedestrians.

3    Reduction of potential conflict zones
3.1    Geometrical reformulation of intersections.
3.2    Illumination of intersections and sensitive zones.
3.3    Intervention in zones with heterogeneity of   road design
About 50 intersections will be affected.

4    Measures in order to calm the traffic and protection for the most vulnerable users.
4.1    Intervention in the geometry of the transversal profile.
4.2    Traffic management teams
4.3    Treatement of about 5 urban crossings

5    Intervention in the adjacent area to the carriage way.  
5.1    Free zone
5.2    Retention systems
These actions will affect approximately 10.000 km.


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