European Road Safety Charter

European Cyclists’ Federation

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our actions consist of lobbying at the level of the European Union (Parliament, Council and Commission) and these actions take on different character depending on the issue. We will attend conferences and hold conferences around the world (such as the VeloCity conference) to put our point of view and try to maintain contacts with relevant policy decisions makers.

Many publications will be made available on our website, on various issues such as 30 kph zones, HGV lorries and blind spots for cyclists etc. We also have our Road Safety Charter which gives an overview of our demands.
We will have many contacts with other relevant organisations around the EU; the manufacturers of bicycles; road and transport safety organisations, both national and EU; EU officials; EU and national transport organisations; organisations interested in urban planning, in environmental issues, in health etc.; and National and EU wide campaigns

Some of our issues include
• Most accidents occur at junctions (around 70% from country to country)

• Accidents with HGV and lorries are typically more serious when they occur. The lorry fleet accounts for 3% of the EU vehicle fleet, but give rise to 14% of fatal collisions, amounting to more than 4 000 annual fatalities in the 27 Member States of the European Union

• There is a real lack of a EU wide data and research on cycling accidents (or other modes)

• Speeds are too high around EU particularly in urban areas, we would like a 30 kph default limit

• Infrastructure is lacking in many areas of the EU

• For us a major road safety principle is the safety in numbers principle; that the more cyclists on the road the higher safety of each individual cyclist, we therefore see cycling promotion and cycling safety as key elements in each other’s progression.


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