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European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In order to improve general knowledge of road safety issues, we commit to:

  • Issue newsletters with lessons learned from the analysis of relevant noteworthy accident reports. The members (10) of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) will collect noteworthy transport accident reports and discuss these at the quarterly SAG meetings, circulate the minutes of the meetings and publish, on the EIGA webpage (, appropriate newsletters containing information identified at the meetings (one to three newsletters per year). We will collect accident data from all members on a quarterly basis and analyse trends in terms of numbers, locations, causes, types of vehicle, consequences, etc. We will publish a yearly report for all members.
  • Maintain a document management system that covers all transport issues relevant to our members: driver training, vehicle safety features, load securing, emergency response, etc. We will review, at each working group meeting (three to four meetings per year), the need to publish a new code of best practices and review existing documents relating to transport safety (list of documents available on request).
  • Organise, in January 2008, a Distribution Symposium, which will cover transport safety issues and which will be open to all members and non-members.
  • Establish criteria for best results in transport safety for different types of distribution by our members (gas cylinder distribution, bulk product distribution, local distribution, long distance distribution). We will organise an award ceremony at each January EIGA Ordinary Meeting, with awards to be presented by our president. We will publish the results on the EIGA website.
  • Promote the European Road Safety Charter amongst our members by communicating this initiative via our website and during the symposium and the award ceremony.
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