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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We will continue our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter in the next three years, as follows:
1. We will continue to produce a recommendation for all our members on how to successfully harmonise the new EU regulations (Directive 2003/59/EC) on the training of professional drivers in the transport sector.
2. We will continue to organise an expert forum every quarter, during which best practices are exchanged in the area of road safety-related training programmes. The target groups may differ each time, but we will focus on different experts depending on the topic that is under discussion. The expert forums will be free of charge for participants. The results will be published in a report and, occasionally, additional activities may be initiated, such as study visits and the development of training programmes. We expect between 15 and 20 participants per forum.
3. We will continue to organise new innovative learning methods focusing on road safety for youngsters, to raise the qualification level of young professional drivers. This action will be part of a more general plan to persuade youngsters to become truck drivers. In doing so, we believe we will contribute to enhancing road safety while attracting more youngsters to the transport branch.


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