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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

1. Share our experience and Best Practices across the Road Haulage Industry. ESSO has a strong record of implementing a range of safety measures which go beyond many regulatory requirements in force across Europe. ESSO is ready to share its experience in implementing these measures, and with that, contribute to raising safety standards across Europe. We believe that improved safety standards can benefit all road users in the EU in the long term. ESSO shall share its experience in the following ways:

  • We shall launch a new section on our European web site ( specifically aimed at road safety. Here, associations, companies and organizations will be able to find information on ESSO's approach to road safety performance improvement, and to assist others in their pursuit of this goal. The web site shall include materials in the following categories: • Safety Philosophy.
  • Core Safety programme strategy and the development of a safety culture.
  • Approach to achieving alignment with business partners/contractors on safety.
  • Best Practice vehicle safety enhancements

    We shall promote an annual European forum to share best practices in delivery vehicle Safety across the Petroleum Industry.

  • We aim to support improvements in the Industry's Safety performance by sharing and application of best practices in the areas such as training, vehicle safety design and operating procedures.
  • We shall share our safety experience and best practices by attending and presenting at road safety forums and conferences organised by European associations and safety agencies.


2. Application of a behaviour-based safety system across ESSO's Fuels Hauliers. A key element of achieving continued flawless levels in road safety is to have an effective behaviour-based safety system. ESSO's approach is to make safety a first and automatic consideration in the drivers' minds whatever task they are performing. The objective is to engender a safety mindset.

  • ESSO has introduced defensive driving training for all of its own and contractor delivery vehicle drivers with refresher training every 24 months. As an enhancement to this programme, ESSO shall increase the focus on driver fatigue training for these drivers. The training will teach drivers to recognize and act upon signs of fatigue. It will also help them to recognise important factors that could lead to fatigue in their lifestyle - like their eating and sleeping habits - because fatigue on the road is often caused by what drivers do when they are not working.
  • It is also recognised that being assessed by a colleague is a very powerful motivation for change. As part of the behaviour-based safety system, we are introducing with our hauliers, peer to peer loss prevention observations which will be carried out by the drivers themselves. Drivers will accompany their colleagues, observing and giving positive and constructive comments on areas for improvement. ESSO's intention is that every driver should be involved in at least one of these exercises every year.
  • We shall introduce a behavioural safety tool called Safe Performance Self- Assessments. This is a process whereby a driver carries out a mental last minute risk assessment on the job he or she is about to perform. It is specifically designed to identify and address potential hazards at the operating level. Our objective is to train every driver on how to perform these risk assessments and introduce field verification as part of the loss prevention observation process on how to perform these risk assessments and introduce field verification as part of the loss prevention observation process


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