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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


We will organize Road Safety days in schools to improve the road safety of motorized two-wheelers:
We will organise a maximum amount of road safety days on the use of motorized two-wheelers for teenagers in secondary schools (now 40 per year). These days will include the following activities:
1) A general workshop for everyone, recalling the main physical laws (equilibrium, concept of shock, gyroscopic effect, reaction time ....)
2) We then divide into 4 workshops:
a) First aid: what to do in case of accident
b) Video: good behaviour on the road on two wheels
c) Equipment: what are a helmet, jacket and gloves good for?
d) Practice game in the courtyard of the school: calling attention to the dangers related to driving motorized two-wheelers and the rules that have to be respected.
Our aim is to take preventive action and insist on the fact that accidents don't just happen to other people. 
We always approach the local police to accompany us and take part in the prevention.
Furthermore we will continue our regular activities:
- We participate in different prevention days and/or fairs.
- We are partner of regional institutions responsible for road maintenance to promote the equipment of the roads with specific rails for the motorcycles.
- We offer our help to the municipality for various road infrastructure works.
- Via our website we collect complaints about the condition of roads.
- We are behind the creation of the 'Messieurs Moto' in the various regional offices; these 'Messieurs Moto' are privileged interlocutors. They transmit complaints about the condition of the road to the appropriate departments.
- We follow closely and are consulted on various draft laws, driving licence reform etc.



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