European Road Safety Charter

FigueiraViva - Association for the Cooperation, Solidarity and Development of the municipality of Figueira da Foz

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During the next three years we will implement the "Safe Siren" project aimed at volunteer firemen bodies.  
Our objectives is to increment their knowledge, raise awareness about causes and consequences of road accidents, update information about the Road Code and share results of previous initiatives through direct dialog with firemen and commanders.
We will contact different corporations of volunteer firemen with the objective to involve in the project 8 of them from 4 different districts. They will be given the Book of Accident Register which will contain the annual comparative information about road accidents evolution.  
4 of them will be trained on safe driving. The training will take place twice a year, before winter and summer (April, May, October and November) during 13 hours each, being composed of 10 hours of theoretic lessons and 3 hours of practical lessons. Every participant will receive a textbook as a support of the training.
During the following three years 288 people will participate to the training and receive the textbook. We will offer 312 hours of training and the 8 firemen bodies will be involved in an analysis of results. We will distribute an evaluation questionnaire to all participants, 24 Books of Accident Register and 288 certificates.
All these actions will be free of charges



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