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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
FIVA drafted and distributed the Drivers' Code for Historic Vehicle Owners in 2005. Since then the Driver's Code has been translated into 9 languages and more than 800 000 copies have been distributed throughout the EU. It has also been published in FIVA members' magazines in 52 countries and is the most viewed page on the FIVA website.
It has proved to be extremely popular therefore we would like to continue to disseminate it among old and new members of our association.
FIVA does have a responsibility to help owners and users of historic vehicles to maintain their vehicles to a high standard and to also recognise that older vehicles which are used rarely need a different level of care to modern vehicles.
It also helps users to realise that when driving a historic vehicle it is important to remember their differences to modern vehicles, such as less bright lighting systems or slower average speeds. These features need to be compensated for in order to ensure the safe use of historic vehicles in modern traffic.
We will maintain our website containing this information in order to keep having a beneficial impact on safety of all road users. 


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