European Road Safety Charter

Flemish Foundation for Trafficknowledge (FFT)

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As the Flemish government wants to keep reducing the number of road accidents the coordination between the different organisations involved is very important.
Therefore we (the Flemish Foundation of Traffic knowledge) have set up a forum on road safety and in our action plan we have divided it to different types of initiatives:
"        Each year we offer companies consultancy in promoting sustainable mobility among their employees. In this way we also try to improve road safety.
"        Each year we organise a congress on Road Safety for 300 participants. This congress results in the publishing of a yearbook on road safety with up to date information on the road safety in Flanders.
"        We consider mobility education as an important task. We organise workshops about traffic and mobility education, in which teachers learn how to teach pupils to go to school safely.
"        We have set up different kinds of driver trainings. Examples are classes preparing 17-year-olds for the theoretical exam, classes preparing 18-year-olds for the practical exam, extra driving courses for youngsters who recently got their driving licences, courses for elderly, etc.


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